My Hero !!



Down across the memory lane ,
A little girl gazed at sky once again–

Hope to see Angels treading her ways ,
Hope to say Good bye in a better way—

Looking up  & up to the serene sky ,
There was a smile & hope in her sad eyes–

That little girl glanced up again ,
Seeking answers in her prayers again —
” Why  you have taken her Hero before time—Oh God ! “

Those tiny hands missed being held today ,
She missed all her bedtime stories today—

Then she remembered that ,
Mother has once told her a story ,
God has its own plans & Glory–

Little girl beamed with hope & happiness again ,
She has seen Angels treading her ways again —

Angels watched all kids alike ,
It’s  God’s whim & delight,
 seeking emptiness & spreading love in their lives—

She said a beautiful prayer today again ,
Papa your love is missed dearly !!!!
Isn’t it wonderful to be with her Hero again ” !

She gazes happily trying to reach to the sky ,
sun light gleamed beautifully on her pretty face again ,
She knows Angels are leaving sky to be in Her dreams tonight again !


2 thoughts on “My Hero !!

  1. My God !!! depth from heart ……which is full with love & care….God need spacial & good person for run His kingdom 🙂 that’s why uncle is there to watch his little angel which is now as responsible as want !!!! 🙂 & He is watching His little girl…to keep her happy…happy & happy & also want that her little girl must be happy in any condition bcz her happiness gives Him…reason to smile in heaven…!!!! tc


  2. really from heart.. made me cry at some point of time. Hero always lives in heart…. u wrote beautifully…. have always been a fan of your writing… welcome back.


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