Thoughts to Ponder !!

❤❤The festivities have been always looked upon as spirited & happy days . Though the dominated value of probably each & every festivals in Indian household for kids are almost same — gorging unlimited on sweets,having lots of choicer gifts, meeting friends & cousins , dance , masti & of course wearing new clothes .❤❤
❤❤ Owing to fast changed social context, thanks  to globalization wave, urbanization  & other related factors , have contributed a lot to nuclear family structure & the  concept of community ( celebrations) is being hued with the flexible approach which is a necessity of fast changing urban lifestyle .  The materialistic tendencies & changed lifestyle have camouflage the basics elements of family structure & social fabric in many ways.❤❤
❤❤This in turn has negated the great spirit of golden days where festivities used to have much larger & deeper emotions attached as it used to be about whole village or community or mohalla celebrations.(Exception stands ) ❤❤
❤❤I still have my childhood fondest memories of Lohiri or holi or Diwali etc where we all used to assemble & sit on char pai ( cot) ,relishing tandoor roti, saag, lassi , sweets , etc . This was meaningful with Joint Family Structure & all cousins catching up & no bar on play time or mommy coaxing us to sleep early !!
For Bashakhi or Lohiri or Id or Holi or Diwali or Pongal or Xmas or any other such celebrations people used to sit together feast together as a community .❤❤
❤❤That was all about time not money or convenience or whatever word describes this feeling in every ones dictionary !! ❤❤
❤❤ The community spirit or concept has been weaning away & in turn is shaped up with the much flexible concept to celebrate all festivals alike & mingling with other communities & just enjoy happy times . This is the best thing that I have personally experienced  in few years of my stay at Bangalore & Kolkata cites . More or less each of the festival coincides with the other community festivities so it’s always best to get submerged in Colorful mood of all these great days . ❤❤
❤❤Like… baishakhi festival which coincides with Bengali nab baras or poila Bashikh festival so it’s really heart warming relief that in some way or another ways kids are learning the meaning & significance of festival underlying spirits . ❤❤
❤❤By God Grace, I have been enjoying best days ( 4 years+) here in Kolkata around Durga puja or any other such celebrations as more or less if we notice the significant idea behind every such festival is same except for the language , food, customs & cultural contexts , the heart & soul is same – rejoice , relish reverberate & connection is automatically felt .❤❤
❤❤Even at our stay in Banglore( luru)  for 2 plus years we  had gorged umpteen treats of Kerala cuisine or relish idli sambhar at best joints or community parties on pongal , festivals . I have started to like the idea of Beautiful Rangolis from my South Indians friends only as we used to have Rangolis competition & it used to be fun indeed . Though I have never admired my mummy or aunts or friends hand made Rangolis before , now I plead them  to teach me few more designs to win my daughters attention 🙂 🙂 —–
❤❤The fond moments spent with Friends , well wishers & family relatives have been our penuche & would be treasure trove & priceless down the memory lane always !! ❤❤

Take Care !!


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