Rowdy Maids !!

” Didi !! Aami ravibaar theke 3 din kaje aasbo na..jamai shosti jonno aamake ma ghore jete hobe aamar bodh aar chele /mein ke nie…….didi tumi suncho….aami kichu bolchi tomake…didi aamar kotha jonno tomar kache tym aache????
  ( Didi we have Jamai  Shasti festival coming on Sunday & I need 3 days holiday as I may need to visit my parents home with my Husband,son & daughters & I am saying something to you Didi, have you got time to listen??  —)
Didi — ??!!

I glanced—- feeling perturbed by my maid continuous mollified monologues ———

These words have jolted me out of my comfortable trance & abrupt my ” very much important work “ that I was doing on my laptop !!

I—–” paused” —let out ” forced smile” —- sighed & thanked her for —-again loads of work to do for 3 days—

” Didi Didi ”  !!!!!  there was a series of reality bombardment —- enough for me to be horrified again & imagining myself as a disciple seeking some divine intervention here —- —–You want 3 days leave againAGAIN ??!!! I muttered these words with a whispering sigh —-

Do I have a Choice ?? My angelic self told me to calm down & talk it out —
No way again !! I need to be stricter with her now onwards — she has been spoiled by my pampering & care — my evil self has forced me to muster courage & give her warning right now ???!!!

I paused contemplatedreasoned with my both selves——–weighed both options & decided to fade of my Evil Grin & Instead asked her Grimly —- ”  3 din— how I am going to manage here with 2 small kids alone —- tumi kita khorie /// ki bhaa bey korbo??!! “

It seems she got her wish fulfilled now & She looked at my grim face with a wining smile—–

——–& &&& ———

after hearing all my whining & pleads she told me — “Tumi bhebho…Aamar baaper bhadi anek dur…. aami tomar jonno 3 din chuti nichi na hole ek shopta chuti nitam ..aamake aage train dhorte hobe…. tar pore nauka aamake badi pohunche debe…..” (” Didi It took 2 days to reach— parents house  —its very far from here—i need to go by train first — then need to cross river by boat to reach my parents village –????!!)

“No chance this time too !!!! ” I told myself !!

She told me so beautifully like she is doing mercy on me somehow —she needed to have a week off instead she is going for JUST 3 days—

I knew its a trick like all other times still I am a very bad trickster & game changer !!!!!
My good self appear to be disturbed telling me not to loose faith on her —


Evil self was droning a grin indicating see this happens when u don’t hear me !!??

I was torn , mocked , deserted & temperamental now still I was powerless ??!! As she was the MAID — !!!!! Every Woman worships this word more or less !!

With a lighting bolt an idea came to my mind & I pick up my intercom to dial My friend(s) one by one — it was the humanitarian & visibly larger goal for me now than my Laptop pending work ——

Over the phone chat the discussion topic was almost centered around MAID ethics & lack of society rules & regulations to bail us out from such situations & even we all left no stoned unturned every angle wise to curse festivities & incidents which urge Maids to take off & vanish —-

“Why on earth does there are so many of the festivities ??!! that was my first reaction to my maid verbatim !! ” as I spoke to my mother over phone call —–Even it seems to EXCLUSIVE to tell my mummy also & to share my plight with her —-
Maid going for the holiday was no less than a BREAKING NEWS at our Society Pandemonium —

After a series of Telephonic Conversations & Putting Kids to afternoon Nap — I was left with  just planning my strategies for my new mission – to arrange ” replacement” maid to work at my home till the time my MAID came back from her festivities vacations—

I am amused to learn again that—–Suddenly I have develop lesser liking for festivities !!!!! then I Introspect —–am I being selfish here ??!! She is just a maid but a Human being too who too needs to have fun & good times with her family !!??

But what about me ?? My all weekends plans with kids & friends are going to be ruined as I would be struck up at home with never ending work loads !! Still I convinced myself to do it again like I was doing it before too !!
Still….It seems……
Maid was not asking me —-she just told me that she can’t come on Sunday onwards owing to festivities around corner maybe for 3 days or more!!????
Now the cannon was loose & I had no defense what so ever ??!!
I showed her that am not interested in all her monologues as I am a busy home- maker with 2 kids —
But secretly—- my mind was cooking up plans to convince maid somehow but how ?? —–if I knew the ” Mantra to tackle Rowdy Maids “!!

I started convincing her that she can come on Sunday early morning —- I will give her bus fare etc etc — still I knew she won’t budge as she has a reason now bigger than emergency situation or world war — it’s all about hubby & gifts that I will get etc etc –// I was seeing her beaming & glowing face flushed with the idea of getting good gifts over the weekend
& ruefully seeing my face & imagining my already ruined weekend——————

Maid  left after completing her work & of course taking money( non- refundable)  for the festivities celebrations  — what if I don’t celebrate—still  it’s mandatory for me to give her bonus be it a small puja or lavish puja —Always !!

My Mind was silently pondering & asking for directions—-” bail me out of This mess !?? ”

I thought for a second & then call up my one of the friend from society block Again —- we all were struck badly -as I expected —- now the only option left with us was to hire maids which are non Bengali or find a Replacement maid who have some of the maid ethics left to complete work & then take leave—- before vanishing to celebrate festivities so often —-

We all decided to meet up at evening strolling & to think of some solutions —-// in this heat & humidity who has guts to work & broom all day with Shin- Chan sorts of kids ??!!
My plight was even more worst as I had always desists the idea of nanny or child care assistant for my girls–so my workload seems to be heavier now —-

The meeting with tea & cookies & samosa ended with no maid available for emergent situations like this –as  society has more than 500 houses & few maids can’t do all these Herculean tasks  just like Joan of Arc —- plus here Money was playing pivotal role too—one day charge of work seems to get upped by 150 rp ??!! it seems some kind of Bid has started for Maid as always in such situations— where there seems to be drought of maids —-Securities guards were flooded with onslaught of tsunami calls from society ladies — to arrange Maid for them any how !!??But How was still unanswered ??!!

a lot a lot discussion was being done to cut off their salary , bonus etc over time to time when they took off owing to regular onset of festival dates from time to time –//


Sunday & Monday passed —
Wednesday morning with fresh cuppa of tea we all were gazing from our balcony or checking door bell functionality  & asking security guards over Intercom if maid has came back —-???? With great anticipation —-
Thursday—came — she has came back at last after 5 days not 3 days as promised —-??

I forgot all the tensions & cutback of salaries,  bonus , gifting saari etc instead I welcomed her so happily — & ask her to sit for a while & have chit chat over tea with me — I was interested in all her stories on Jamai Shasti now even more as they were more sweeter as she has bail me out of my misery to work in this humid & hot weather — now she is not less than any luxury item that I can afford —
I told myself ” finding good maid nowadays is like finding pirate treasure trove !!!! “

I swiftly put the gas burner on & put vessel to make tea for both of us –/relieved —- till the time some other festival date or reason come up with maid again to Vanish just like that…..
Hope it still have time —- !!!!!???

Take Care !!


4 thoughts on “Rowdy Maids !!

  1. hahaha…don’t say its your real story 🙂 what a Maid she is…heheheh…very nice…so beautiful created…nice ..god bless you..keep rocking !!! my wishes for of luck…waiting for next one..plz..plz….hurry up…


    1. Thanks a lot Pawan 4 ur wishes & encouragement always !! Yes it’s a true experience from a home-maker eyes added with Fascination & Imagination elements still it’s my first ever effort to pen down humour story !! Glad u liked it !! Thanks & keep reading & wud post soon !!😄😄😄😄


  2. Hahaha I can so relate to this article because from tom my maid is on leave for 4 days for some festival 😉 but kuddos to u for capturing what goes through our mind at times like this beautifully. ..!


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