CTO # 1

Once upon a Tweet time,
There came status update on Facebook
having Flickr of lovely thoughts,
Going Instagram before being Tagged.

Having opinions & pinning it on Pinterest,
Not Giving everyone the much needed rest
Tumble upon the posts to get Tumblr,
My space allowed to catch a long lost breath.
Sharing profiles to LinkedIn,

get me more e buzz.

To catch up ya all Classmates
Ask them to Meetup @ eBay.

Going from one way to another,
Wearing famous Google plus.
Got to rave in time,
Before it’s Whats app time.

There came a Viber message,
Holler it d way it beeps & beeps.
U don’t forget to update ur Tweets.

Follow all ur BFFL
Unfollow ur Orkut BAE.

Likes & comments says it all,
Don’t ask Friendster for ACK

IM me# MSN
Yahoo ! WordPress it like e blogger,

Its just a click away.

What reality we live in ?
virtual society # cooler ways.
I often reminiscences old times,
When memory was treasured
Not measured this novice way.

Virtually is teaching me reality,
Keeping me sane amidst all such haste.
It’s fun to connect & blog,
It’s fun to live like a Leapfrog.

YouTube it before it got Blinkx.
Flixster fun Multiply by Hi5
Gives me happy family heritage & My life.

My yearbook Sky rock the Net log,
Whatcha ! backlog for emoticons.

Subscribe blogs for more such tit bits,
E- news & E-world is for free.

1NAM 24*7
Tis Admin is amzn
CUOL 2mmow


Selfie dogs


12 thoughts on “CTO # 1

  1. whoa!!! life is so entangled in these social networking sites bt sometimes they give us a pleasant breeze in-between our busy schedules!! u so nicely put them into words!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup Rashmi…well-said…virtual world is indeed our reality today….not to be missed…like we have been moving from human touch to e-touch 🙂 🙂 am glad u like this post…thanks 🙂 🙂 keep reading & encouraging


  2. its amazing poem… you have portrayed the now a days trend so beautifully which i must say is a work that should be praised a lot.
    Its an “epitome”…

    But i have one confusion , i didn’t get the title of the poem i.e “CTO”. So can you make me understand what is CTO… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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