Eat my weight away…..
Eat my weight away……

Oh, chicken burger with cheesy dipped smile,
Ribs & steaks loaded with fries.
My coffee chips have gone crazy,
Howdy! U Ms. Lazy?

Gaining on pounds,
Still coming around
To get more pounds of fatty delight,
It’s just d pizza with Chicken BBQ right?

Every day I figure out my fitness schedule,
But desire gets overruled.

Nachos & Tacos,
Full of Salsa Verde,
Kids & elderly alike,
Taste these heavenly bites.

That’s isn’t just lambasting these hunger triggers,
Which swayed away my mood
Which cocooned me in their comforting macaroons.

That sugar; that’s carbs; that’s protein; Oh that’s crap!
For me, it’s just smacking dessert sweetheart!
Loaded with ice creme n crackers,
Jacked with sugar loaded love for snackers.

Why would I switched to Diet Coke,
diet fad isn’t my  thing,
I love sipping my Daiquiris & caramel appletini.

Why would I leave my doughnuts & muffins breakfast?
Ain’t it’s a sticky mess to leave it that fast?
There’s decaf coffee always on my next week start,
That week is still afar….

Gimme my space,
I will be rolling back to shape.

Why tip & nag?
These r pounds I gained
Without much pain….
Losing them ain’t easy job,
Let me grab those delicious pork chops.

Eating & eating all these stuff,
Getting stuff up like a hearty meal buff.
It’s ain’t around festivities we grub these calories,
Grub & all these fancy memories.

Every week I promised myself
Gonna stop
Gonna watch out

Am sure am gonna drop those pounds away,
Eating my weight away….
Eating my weight away….
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