You’re An Amazing Dad!

Yesterday was Father’s Day.  We love to celebrate all occasions and non-occasions equally. These superlative days might have very well added charm and panache to cherish one day together, globally. Many would have their sound reasons to disapprove the emphasis on these various occasions. These Dates/Days/Celebrations might be superlative in their parlance. For me, these dates and days are another free tickets to celebrate life…ticket to enter into the fun and frolic of celebrations, cheers, and, laughter shared with loved ones.
I asked my hubby ” What’s Father Day significance is to him”? His reply-

“How to express my 9 years of fatherhood in a day? Felt blessed everyday and enjoying being Dad to two lovable & wonderful kids every second from last 9 years”

I also created my first ever comic strip from scratch with alias opticnerve. Nothing fancier came up in my mind that time thinking about username probability.

 Comic Strip#1 


Hope it serves the purpose of what I wanted to communicate~Life@one beautiful day#surprises#shopping#movie#dinner#love abundant.

Sharing kids amazing and thoughtful gifts for their Dad~

I love being a girl because I’m my Daddy’s little girl and that rocks!

(Author Unknown)



“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me”

(Jim Valvano)




“A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer.”

(Author Unknown)



Hope you all have had fun*celebrations*lovely memories to be cherished. What matters most in life is indeed its creditability and quintessential realism.






14 thoughts on “You’re An Amazing Dad!

  1. “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me”… Wonderful…combination of everything…Your feelings…Your husbands feelings… Comic Strip, Your beautiful kids gift to their father… Amazing good… Keep up your good thoughts…and make everyday a celebration in everyone’s life…

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    1. Yeah Joy…that’s lovely Quote…I saved that to Dedicate my next Post on my Dad… 🙂 :-)….am glad u like reading it…& thanks for ur encouragement & good wishes always…keep reading & sharing good thoughts!


      1. Thanks Ruchi. I couldn’t devise a way to refer to your post, but I do want to put down your blog in the list as one of the blogs that I LOVE following. But those words just amazingly dawned on me what exactly I was wanting to frame in the post. Keep us entertained with your Lifestyle 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Vidhya…Ty 4 ur kind words & encouragement….its most precious…:-) 🙂 so keep reading & sharing thoughts…am glad u have penned dwn ur post…i got d alert…was away whole day@volunteer site..wud chk now 🙂 :-)…u made my day sweetheart by saying it here that u love my blog 🙂 :-)….ty & hugs….


  2. Ruchi, Loved everyone’s spirit for the day. The most coveted one was the “Greatest gift one”….That touched my heart…..I am writing a post on a movie that I watched yesterday….With your permission can I use those lines and definitely I will use a referral back to this post. God bless your family and kudos to parents for inculcating a tradition to celebrate life …..

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    1. Hey Vidhya…am glad dear u liked this post! thanks so much for being so encouraging & for ur loving wishes 🙂 :-)…reg those coveted lines…i also read them somewhere so shared them…go ahead & use them as they aren’t my copyrighted…those wonderful lines belongs to JIM VALVANO ~BB coach & Broadcaster…that comic strip is mine though…i created from scratch for the first time….:-) 🙂 I would def love to have my blog referral in any ways on ur wonderful blog anytime….thanks in advance & waiting eagerly to read ur blog post now….good wishes!


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