Eh! It’s preposterous.It’s not happening, in reality, …yup…it’s not…. as I am in virtual world…who wants to miss all the thrill of being connected when every fraction of a second there’re entertaining posts, news, thoughts, links and gossips…. Hmm…. Retrospect#1Share↵Like↵comment.

Whoosh! Did u hear? CTO< details fill in>User 1 <Emoticons><Details>

Is it true? Damn…lol…am all ears to what’s more spicy dicey talks…. User 2<Emoticons><Details>

Keyboard clanking…thumb scrolling…scanning…. eyes glued…. picture imperfect for poster humanoid for a new visited era marked down by techno retro and hoo-ha. Retrospect#2… Share↵Like↵comment.

Bang! Its posse and passé. Rehashed versions of gossiping we used to do. So much time we spent deducing others emotions; understanding others lives, its all about others when it comes to gossips.It’s a craft…mind it…. Retrospect#3… Share↵Like↵comment.

Yeah! The wavelength of mood, words, new picks also works here# attributes. With good inherent connectivity and lots of patience to scroll and find your hash and then stick onto it.I am not saying I am expert to deduce human emotions or even a fragment of it, but can dodge the virtual on raiders as an observer and perpetrators… Retrospect#4… Share↵Like↵comment.

Reality series 2

Sigh! Neighborhood! Yeah, I have it on FB; Twitter; Friendster, etc. etc.I have followers, friends @ I am in touch via social media… Gone are the days, when we all used to sit around, jump around, meet around, fight around for things which aren’t used to be ego bashing or hurting sentiments. We do all these today’s also when we get time from this virtual world frenzy and that moment is real moment. Retrospect#5Share↵Like↵comment.

Whew! What transpires to us as leftover or potent lethal residue?

It’s like exhilaration…being bemused…sync with the environment courtesy of choices we made to be tech savvy or Humane. We seek platform to express, to ask, to connect.Yes, that’s the catchphrase…euphemism…. connect…connection…connectivity. Where’s the human connectivity? Its getting faded amidst so much of cyber-traffic and so much to explore in a vast world of the Internet. Retrospect#6Share↵Like↵comment.

Bingo! Even wall E has shown love 4 Eve…emotions< emoticons 🙂 🙂 > So what we have @virtual world is a plethora of choices of stickers, emoticons, smileys. Nonetheless, we have devised perfect clone of the real world amidst virtual world. Retrospect#7Share↵Like↵comment.

Whiz! Virtuality is teaching me reality! Keeping me sane amidst such chaos & life stress. Positives of being a virtual/cyber community r prized one. People empathize, people, share, people show support. That’s why there are so many favorite groups out there for all of us, for hobbies, for bloggers, for everyone. Like I said earlier you have to find your hash and stick to it.

Hope it gets more interesting, more bewitched, that’s a twitch… Retrospect#8Share↵Like↵comment.

Reality series

The reason for me penning this post being # what I experienced yesterday while I was at one of my volunteering locations, I have noticed practically everyone (except the 50’s & 60’s decade young hearts) glued to phones…iPods…I pad’s…but not talking or sharing times with each other. So couldn’t resist this idea or think to squabble with words and comic strip.

I was working but couldn’t take my eyes off to catch glimpses of people coming inside & while waiting have to be glued to fancy gadgets.I also do that when I am alone and have to wait longer than expected for my appointment. Of lately I have started keeping books with me and real scribbler pad and a pen (unlike Notepad of my smartphone) and its fun to be away from these wavelengths for a while, to breathe in fresh air, to admire surroundings and talk to a real person.






11 thoughts on “Virtual#Reality

  1. Very True, “Virtuality is killing Reality” & “Virtuality is a Killing Reality” technology has its own benefits, its very useful to connect distant people across country faster, but it’s actually gone so deep in human blood that we connect virtually to our neighbors and friend who just live across the road instead of physically meeting each other. Technology has it own bad & good benefits…

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    1. @Nitin so well-said ! It’s sapping moments 4m real life too. Everything is so fad wen it’s come to being connected. Like I wrote in d post too we have choices & we can enjoy it’s positives with constraints. Ty 4 ur feedback. Keep sharing ur thoughts. 😊😊


  2. Beautufully connected – virtuality killing reality : like ur message “its fun to be away from these wavelengths for a while,to breathe in fresh air,to admire surroundings & talk to a real person”.

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    1. Yes that’s true mom. We got to have restraints & constraints in everything . It was just what I felt by taking glimpses of people waiting there for their turns. Teenagers , parents , everyone was glued & I cudnt resist to put it into words. Connectivity is a good tool but addiction to it or having trouble to adjust without it isn’t ! Like too much of TV or staying indoor isn’t for our overall health.
      Ty for ur feedback & keep reading & sharing ur feedback 😊😊


  3. “virtual” for me its lik .. u cant learn to drive a car or bike or even bicycle by jst reading the manual book … u hav to experience it in real world i.e on road …. so virtual word is lik d manual book … u cant experience it in real

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  4. An open secret it is :).The comic strip is well done Ruchi. I had enrolled in a 8 week fitness program at work and every week we had an extra something to do. for one of the week we were challenged to go screen free at least 2 whole days. No laptop, phone, TV, kindle etc etc….It really felt good doing that.We went camping :). But yes in reality its hard to keep away from the virtuality. It’s become a part and parcel of who I am and what I do. But everyday I make it a point to stay away from TV, Phone and Internet at least an hour or two a day at a stretch….
    Even though I understood the essence of the post in my first read it took me a couple of more reads to actually understand every bit of it. Seemed a little complicated for my little brain – lol 🙂

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    1. Ty Vidhya 4 sharing ur insights & ur fitness program idea sounds cool & great detox to me amidst all these digital wavelengths 🙂 🙂 I also make it a point to have a regular walk or nature sighting regime at-least thrice a week & to just relax & breathe & admire the nature without phones & FB etc etc I am very happy that u stopped by for much needed encouragement & feedback. LOL…U bet ! see how complicated Internet have made our Lives@understand its trivialities is beyond even for my little brain too.keep reading & sharing beautiful posts. Virtual Hugs 🙂 🙂

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  5. virtuality and reality are on two opposite roads.
    many things seems easy in virtual but when it is tried in real it is not though virtuality takes a man away from reality .
    really today virtuality is killing reality

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    1. Ty Arindam for stopping by & Its an astonishing fact that we all try to learn & maintain balance btw these 2 extreme ends.Times has changed & Time is changing fast too.We all see how people like all of us r busy & engrossed on their mobiles screen & other gadgets. Some time off from these things r required kind of Detox mind & overall health. keep sharing ur valuable feedback *keep reading 🙂


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