Pict-cue 1 –

One fine day, Adunika<name of my nemesis>is getting ready for her usual cocktail party. The dress code is formal, comfortable, modern with fashion trending shoes & hot make-up, overall perfect cliché for being labeled as Modern, Fashionable, Adhunik, criteria to judge, being just clothes, by Nifaq <Hypocrite>. At the Cocktail party, chance talks catch-up. NifaQ<Their demeanor is just like FAQ>Rape crimes are increasing as these Modern woman & Teenagers Girls visit pubs, bars late nights wear revealing dresses to lure men attention, than they blame on these poor fellows. <Sounds like politic whack > Adunika<Humming Cheerful tunes>This is just one outlook like half filled or half empty glass sort of. If you wish to blame Western Influences, you can’t negate its best sides too, likewise, deep rooted community service, laws abiding citizen, educational avenues, law enforcement etc. What in the world clothing has anything to do with being conservative or modern? How can dress-sense ensures another person conduct or animistic tendencies? How can you rubbish this concern so easily masking under your hypocrisy?

There has been few moments where we all are less deceptive & off guard. There lays clue to explore, exploit & watch how much a person sitting next to you are holding up or acting up for these philanderer steaks. It’s a con in making where in some ways on these topics where rants often tells us the truth which either ways we haven’t known or can reach to, that solemn self. Nirvana for some means attaining enlightenment, but some times Nirvana on such debatable topic is not less than trying out something crappy or out of usual or simply venting out. Thought to write my Nirvana on one such issue as raised by one of Indi blogger member. If you value your traditions and culture, you’re branded conservative. While, clothes rather than thoughts judge modernity.

PICT-CUE 2 सोचो मेनका और सभी  इंद्रा लोक की अप्‍सराओ और खुजरहो और काम-सूत्रा जैसे क़िताबो और व्याख्याओं की क्या जरूरत हैं.<Why do we need to have Sex-pedia like Kama-Sutra, Artist marvel in the form of famous Khujraho caves & Heaven angels> Nudity is natural. We can’t just accept it. We stereotyped so many things on the name of religion, society, community behavior & expectations. If a girl is in living- in relationship she is damn modern & non-sankari<immoral>. If a girl don’t know how to cook food but has Masters degree & is economic self-reliant, still we won’t hesitate to stereotyped her life & conduct. Gender-bashing never stops or can be neutral with such held up attitudes & biases.

Porn, Internet & Western influences have eroded Indian society morals? <We are so naïve>Phew not new! It’s old wine in a new Bottle but with an interesting twist. I recalled one such lively discussion with one of my casual acquaintance @ one cocktail party. There was dash of women who was dressed causally like me even if it’s meant to be named as “Desi cocktail Party”. Others were flaunting their jewelry, embroidered sarees & ensemble with perfect make-up. Someone poked me causally-रुचि !क्या आज के दिन तो साड़ी पहना चाहिये था? थोड़ा अलग सा लगता तुम्हे भी”. <Ruchi! you should have worn Indian Attire today to feel good & different than usual dressing days.> क्यों<Why>! My mind gave me jolt & I murmured “कपड़ो  से ही अलग सा लगता. मैं Causal में हूँ एन्जॉय कर रही हूँ. कुछ ज्यादा या थोड़ा पहेनने से सोशियल रिपोर्ट कार्ड बनेगा” <Why I can feel different with clothes & attire most of the times, Why I am being judged on my way or style of dressing?> We both continued to keep talking while sipping our Margaritas. The clothes don’t reflect culture. It’s core & deepest values attached with our attitude, duties & conduct towards others & duties towards our community & country.Why should girls bear the burnt of being into this category mostly — There shouldn’t be any gender biased on conduct, clothes etc.-as it clearly shows objectification of woman & treating woman wearing these types of clothes etc. as fad, modern or immoral at large –mostly under the social paradoxes & fashion police scanner. My minds raved with a crazed thought —What Matriarchal society would have done with these hypocrites, staking claims & bashing everyone on the clothes & conservatism familiarity as de-facto & faux de passé?

Pict-Cue 3

“शर्म,लाज स्त्री के गेहने हैं. बिल्कुल ये गेहने तो हर संभव मनुष्य के लिये होने चाहिये. गेहने तो आदिकाल से मध्यकाल तक आदमी ने भी धारण किये हैं और आज भी नाना प्रकार के गेहने आदमी भी पेहनते हैं.

नहीं,परंतु, यहाँ पर उन गेहनो की बात नहीं हो रही हैं यहाँ पर मामला संजीदा हैं.

परंतु ! गेहने जब दोनो समान रूप से पेहनते हैं तो बाकी चीज़ो में भेद भाव क्यू ? <There shouldn’t be any differentiation based on Gender Roles & Values attached with it.>

These days girls have no honor, no morals, in our times<does stone age man has more respect for woman, am clueless which times we are talking than> respect, grace were ornaments for woman nowadays they shamelessly flaunt their bodies half-nude, seemingly throwing hands in disparity & ordering one more Vodka Martini with a hint of disapprove glances around the crowded pub. क्या वक़्त आ गया हैं ? <What bad time has came nowadays?> Adunika amusingly sipping her own Tequila Slammer, winched ruefully & replied Why we always blame Western Influences on our culture & system etc.? Aren’t we so naive & porous society that only we can imbibe bad influences not good ones from others? Wasn’t Child marriage, Parda system, Sati was our customs? We keep on saying aloud now & than, Our Indian culture has lost its core values & samskaras? Why? They are still there, maybe we have been busy criticizing dull side a lot- disoriented & disharmonious social paradoxes steering its course, likewise.

Branding of words<MODERN , CONSERVATIVE , MORALITY> Re-branding of words√ Mode-learn < Methods Revised For Changing Facets Of Contemporary Society> Conserve-effective <Effectively Conserving The Heritage & Our Culture Minus Any Obsolete Paramparas/Traditions> Tradition, culture must have been formed while social civilization was in its infancy from centuaries back.Society of large consists of many facets good & bad both.We have to accept good & have to be flexible enough to strive for being a Progressive society instead of labelled as Regressive one.

  Conservative versus Liberal Modern versus Classic Ethical versus Non-ethical Everything is just perception & choice. Modernity can signifies this message- “Free from biases & free liberal attitude towards all”.

After my mumblings I try to sneak few glances towards people around me, like, after long long DC from Internet, I just got connected back to main surroundings<server>. This social reality is indeed startling. I asked casually to one another chance talker looking for his Nirvaana.Did you ever try Desi Vodka or Desi Brand? I was told, I prefer Phirangi Brand as it has punch & credibility. I can brag to have best wines & alcohol assortments & collections at my home too.Would you care to join in someday or today, with same philandering smile. I smiled back wryly guessing the efficacy of our discussion has now “Hit the bull-eye” perfectly. I bid adieu with a winning smirk on my face,sipping my cocktail with much needed space.

Cheers to Phirangi Cocktail.






14 thoughts on “PHIRANGI COCKTAIL

  1. Loved your post. 🙂
    There are so many traditions which we are glad to be rid off. And talking about clothes, guys have completely embraced western style of dressing, but girls are expected to follow tradition. Our society is a hypocrite.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ty Kiran for stopping by 🙂 Am glad u liked d thoughts.Hypocrisy is in everything. Sometimes we as a woman become d actual perpetrators too. Keep on reading & giving me your feedback. I will appreciate your time & encouragement 🙂 thanks. good wishes


  2. 🙂 You have presented diverse issues with a unique way of writing. Liked your stylish take on countering the stubborn perspectives of societies. I could feel the balance slightly tilted towards current trends of the western world, but appreciate the boldness in hitting the points straight. I can feel the free soul at work in writing.

    And I felt pity on myself about the lack of knowledge on Vodka stuffs/names you mentioned. “Why they invited a non-drinker to booze parties? At least I should have tried knowing names man” Let me ask myself and curse all the cold drinks that I emptied. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Dinesh- Ty for d much-needed critique. I wrote about what I feel people asks me too- Like u hv shifted base to US, see ur girls not gonna forget the culture..etc etc…I presented antidotes from my experience 😀 😀 non-drinker booze varieties r many here 😀 btw I put this title- Phirangi cocktail comes in my mind as I wanted to blend 2 different concepts in one like cocktail drink 🙂 Ty for all encouraging words.Good wishes !


  3. People who judge others based on clothes and stereotype people are actually not modern. A person is modern with their thoughts and it’s a mental state to accept change and other people’s point of view.

    You are right in pointing out that sex has been there in our culture and those who oppose it actually don’t know our culture well. We don’t belong to an oppressed culture.

    I feel a person can be traditional wearing modern clothes and can be modern while wearing traditional clothes. Clothes are irrelevant Modernity and traditions can go hand in hand. The point is we have to stop judging and labeling people. 🙂 😀

    P.S. I’m a bit late in posting my comment. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @Gaurab Ty for stopping by 😀 much appreciate your feedback & insights. Yes, my POV is same too 4 this post-“Don’t judge a book by its cover” 😀 Its behavior & character which makes or breaks you, like you mentioned it in your post, Swami Vivekananda Quote- Very true…! sharing here with all others readers–Once a foreigner asked him “Can’t you wear proper clothes to be gentleman ?” Swami Vivekananda Replied, “In your culture dress makes gentleman but in our culture character makes gentleman”. Keep inspiring & getting Inspired
      good wishes


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