रोटी- matic

बेलन वाली रोटियाँ,
मशीन वाली रोटियाँ,
जो भी हैं बस हैं दाम वाली रोटियाँ,
एक का मोल हैं अनमोल,
मां के हाँथों का प्यार,
दूसरे का मोल हैं ,
बस पैसा और ये हैं एक औज़ार


The bread roll,
The bread machine,
If the price of  just bread,
Acquire a priceless;
Tended to mother’s love,
For others,
These are just a tool and money.

“ज़रा गरम गरम रोटी ले आना”

This sweet catchphrase belongs to our childhood fondest memories with Maa/Mummy/Mom/Ammi , hand made food especially those garam garam phulkas/rotis/Indian Bread. The 80’s decade born will agree to these nostalgic memories. So many advertisement featuring oil, ghee & basic kitchen condiments used to have one phrase as consumer wooing funda – “मां  के हाथ के खाने जैसा स्वाद”. This used to be one of my favorite advertisement way back than.


With the advent of Technology Renascence we all seems to be striving towards wireless, paperless & hassle free life style. Many ideas, innovations & new products have been conceptualized & than launched in global market, from times to times, to woo the consumers of varied interests, with just one aim- to fetch maximum buyers<profits> for their products. I remember one fine example of predecessor of Rotimatic, Roti-Maker machine which was launched with very high hopes but have got marred owing to its not so crispness & time effectiveness to make Rotis. <मां  के हाथ के खाने जैसा स्वाद  वाली बात नहीं थी><The food was nothing like the taste of mother’s hands> My maa has also gifted me one of this machine, Roti-maker, when I got married. I really tried to get familiar with this convenience of thought, but my familiarity with this idea was short-lived as I boxed it somewhere down the store-room<memory-lane>. My friends & aunties dabble endlessly & apprised me for its usage in some form or another to their best capabilities. Few suggested me,making use of it for rolling flat-bread,at-least, just like Tortilla Press, to save time & be effective, still,I never used it again.

“अरे झूठी मूठी मोई ने, रसोई मे पुकारा था, लोहे के चिमटे से लिपटे को मारा था, ओये बीबा तेरा चूल्हा जले, चप्पा चप्पा चरखा चले” 

Somewhere in 40’s decade when my  great-grandmother used to make Rotis she never ever have imagined,after 3 generations, that a machine can do such wonder work in few minutes times. She would have been happy with her Chulha & Tandoor, as one of her Guest1Kitchen Prized Possession, to welcome guests with hot & crisp tandoori rotis. I also fondly remember the family nights party in our neighborhood when we all used to sit on the charpai<cot> & the ladies of the household got busy with their respective  chores- from tandoor handling, to serving food, to taking care of guests. For special days like wedding, birthdays & other such family celebrations, Halwai <sweet-merchant>used to get hired by our Big Joint-Family of 4 uncles & 1 paternal aunt, to entertain family guests. I feel it must have been quite a daunting  task for my Maa, to handle the never-ending demands for garam garam<Hot> Tandoori Rotis, for such a big family.My Grandmother-in-Law has also shared with me many wonderful antidotes, on how she has managed Rotis & food for all family members & workers which were hired by our Grandfather-in-Law, during harvest season. It not just food but its was more on values to share & care about guests ” Atititi Devo Bhav”< ‘The guest is God’>.

When I used to hear these stories, I have always picture them & tried to analyze how they must have been doing these house-hold chores unrelentingly , with all ladies helping each other to cook for such a big family & rejoicing times, it must have been exhilarating, not like, what we get to see in, saas-bahu operas.<MIL-DIL operas>


Some Dreamer & Entrepreneur <home-maker> has done breakthrough in the market of conventional roti maker line which boost of old roti maker product,in a very substantiated way, this time with respect to its attributes & price tag. She came with more advanced idea<dream machine> as prospective consumer, not have to knead the flour, machine will take care of that at your command.

It was trending topic for us, all over various social media sites from closed/open/secret groups on what app, FB,  as soon as its per-order opens for US & Singapore.But this much awaited dream machine has bought so much frenzy & hype,in just few minutes from its per-order day, I can safely assume, all net spaces & social media sites were abuzz with discussion on it only.And the discussion on its efficacy, price & feasibility is catching up attention from the prospective buyers & skeptics alike.


While stumble upon the researches for Kitchen-Aids, this ad caught my fancy almost 2years back. I subscribe to it via email to track its market efficacy & launch,  as the product was in testing initial per-launch phase.

We all will get this dream-machine starting next year <2015>all those who have chosen to flaunt the new Robo-Machine or to exhumed our Belan saga ruefully. The  per-order now opened at the $59 token-price & rest on arrival of the dream-machine courier,with 30 days satisfaction else money back guarantee.<Price-Tag $599><35886.09 INR>

If now this information has caught your fancy too, than for more info u can check this link, as I am not reviewing this dream-machine product, which is just in its per-launching phase.


  वो सिलबट्टे की पुदीना चट्नी का स्वाद मेरी मिक्सी में नहीं मिलता… शायद हम जज़्बात हर चीज़ में ढूंडते रहते हैं ….आज मैने बहुत प्यार से तुम्हारे लिये खाना बनाया हैं ….अब ये बात मशीन या माइक्रोवेव तो आपको नहीं  बोलेगी

… पर  कोई भरोसा नहीं  हैं किसी दिन गर कोई मार्केटिंग रिसर्च वाले बंदे ने ये इश्यू भी पकड़ लिया, बस शायद हम को वाय्स रेकॉर्डिंग्स<Voice Commands> भी मिल जाएंगी …. बीवी ऑफीस टूर या फिर  मैयके जा रही हो ….बोलेंगी “हनी Option नंबर 2 सुन लेना डिन्नर गरम करते वक़्त” और “Option नंबर 5 सुन लेना जब गरम गरम रोटी बना रहे होंगे आप” ….…. in this hyper-busy life style,  anyone,can now stake claims to make perfect Roti’s, at home front too.

मिट्ठी की सौंधी खुश्बू, प्याज़ के संग बाजरे की रोटियाँ, ये महक, ये प्यार, क्या मशीन में मिलेगी

I still have fond recollections of days,as a newly wedded bride, with mastering these prerequisite skills to make perfect Roti shape & its desired texture. My mom-in-law has made me learn with persistence to handle that wonderful magnificent kitchen aid-BELAN & CHAKLA for weeks. Everyday,during my  training days, when my father-in-law used to come back from his shop<business> he used to ask me teasingly- “Which map of world will your hand cooked roti resemble today?….”रुचि आज कौन सा नक्शा बनाया हैं रोटियों में”?

Now, with my -in-laws next visit, I can surely treat them with perfect Rotis with desirable shape & thickness, as they liked to have. But a question looms in my mind- Would that be my comfortableness inching more towards having hassle free & sustainable environment lifestyle. I am sure going to miss those teasing & adoration & accolades I got whenever I have cooked for my family, सच ही हैं ना—दिल और जज़्बात—बयान करते हैं सभी की ख़्वाहीशें पर हम संजीदा ना हुए, तेरी आरज़ू में…I have penned down Shayri in emotions too 😀 😀

Till than I can rejoice my time with my CHAKLA-BELAN & can cook<spin> few more memories to treasure with me, for future tell tales, to my grand-kids, in case, Rotimatic becomes popular kitchen aid in our life,like our Sumeet Mixie & Preethi Mixie.

Enjoy one more nostalgic memory



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