“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” ― Roger Miller Today I did Rain-walking. It was what I missed doing in many months. I went to indoor jogging track this noon at our community center, got bored in just few laps & came outside to walk in pleasant weather waiting for downpours, … Continue reading WALK WITH ME DAY#8


Your Stories can do Wonders : Join us & get published

Friends ! Share your inspirational story & come forward for this great endeavor 🙂



Thanks to everyone who have sent their stories for Blank Space. 🙂 We owe you our sincere gratitude because we know how important your support is. We got a fairly good response to our earlier post, writers / bloggers from more than 10 countries got in touch with us and started sending their stories. Feeling excited about their interest.  The milestone 100 is yet to be reached.

So we welcome entries 🙂

We need your support. Please contribute your stories. Your words can do wonders. We believe in you and in our aim. We cannot do it alone. mail : publish@propelsteps.com

Publishing a book with contribution from 100 writers is an uphill task, especially on a debut. 🙂 We know it. Yet the purpose which is fuelling our efforts is “To make a difference and prove any difficulty is not impossible, it is just harder to achieve”

The Idea of Blank…

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