Birbal, Advice please!

“ Advice is free, but good advice costs you fortune.”

There has been many times in our lives when we all feel desperate to reach out, to be listened to & ask someone or anyone for our problems solutions. We seek Advice.

Human nature is complex, woven with intricate emotions & subdued moods.

Advice costs time & emotions if given in totally different perspective- one perspective is meeting shrink/counselor & another one is hanging out in virtual Adda/lounge. Both ways aims at human-connection? But still they both differ. How? I have tried to create a situation to assess both perspectives of Advice accomplishment, with effervescence character from history Akbar-Birbal. Those who don’t know, Akbar-Birbal Jodi/companionship are famous for their folk tales full of wit & morals.Birbal was a trusted advisor in the court of famous Mughal emperor Akbar.

So, How Akbar would have reacted if he has to go out & meet Dr. Shrink, in absence of his trusted comrade & advisor Birbal?

 Lets have a look.

King Akbar is sitting in his beautiful palace & wondering for his problems which has arise in his kingdom, he has no one to ask for advice as his trusted Birbal is on mission somewhere else, on his orders.

So, Akbar decided to go out & meet one prototype Dr. Shrink, as he was doomed with his problems, wanted to seek consultation from someone who can steer clear of his doubts & apprehensions, but foremost can listen to his woes & concerns.

It was his first time seeking advice someplace else than his trusted aide & advisor Birbal, so he fumbled with so many trivialities but succeeded to book his appointment, got 45 minutes scheduled time, with cancellation charges applied. With ongoing problems, he had to rush there on time too; fill up lots of forms as formality to meet Dr. Shrink.

It took him 1 hour to complete formalities & than to have brain washed out for 40 minutes non-stop session, he was already in dull & contemplative mood, he didn’t wanted to implode as he was already exhausted with his first ever visit to Dr. Shrink, on high recommendation from his friends.

As a recommendation King Akbar got a list of   motivational books to read one of the book was written by Dr. Shrink itself, pills to pop up & lots more which his already fuzzed up brain didn’t recalled fully.

He was awry & started missing Birbal more & texted him to come back soon as these things cannot be discussed with just anyone.

Birbal got apprehensive of King situation knew how it going to turn out for King Akbar mood & routine, he got an brilliant idea, he texted back to King Akbar & told him to log on to

Birbal told him about fantastic website features & tools for everyone usage regardless of age & proximity.

Birbal told King Akbar– “We all pray & yelp very badly for escape from these time-bound methods. Now, everyone Prayers have been answered as, I heard some website with name “Advice Adda” which is in it launch stage. It has so many wonderful features for all age group, with so many experts at one place virtually, ready to hear you out & give you simple workable tips for your queries & problems. It sounds so much hassle free.

Thanks to IT advancements now you don’t have to go & make paid appointments & wait for your turn. You can walk-in virtually here at Advice Adda website to seek your answers.”

Upon receiving this information, King Akbar was very happy & relieved as it’s coming from his trusted aide & advisor Birbal.

He logged in to the website & was completely surprised so see so much at one platform, so many experts, writers & tools for him to use & he immediately subscribe to the newsletter too to keep him updated.


So, after all Advice isn’t that bad if given with responsibility & sensitivity. After all who don’t like freebies & who don’t like to connect?

To get you inspired Advice Adda is having number of budding & experienced experts, writer’s contributors from all varied fields. You can read them under different categories from youth, beauty and fashion to career. And you can share your experience with like-minded friends & can even connect here.You can join the wonderful team of contributors also, like I have done. This is a promotional post for upcoming website “Advice Adda”.

Your entire worry stops at virtual lounge, known as Advice Adda.

It’s just a click away

Happy touring!


3 thoughts on “Birbal, Advice please!

  1. I almost burst into laughter when I was imagining king Akbar filling out forms at the shrink’s office…What a way to promote …..applaud your thought process. If this is for some contest my best wishes …. if not, then too my wishes are always there:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Vidhay LOL 😀 😀 I know, I was eagerly waiting for insanely honest feedback from u. Ty dear 🙂
      Vidhya, this is advice adda website, its not for contest but I have joined it as a contributor.plz check them out & u can also be a part of their contributors team. Ty so much for your lovely heart-felt wishes. Hugs 🙂


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