India Fragrance

While we live far from our country, one thing we all miss and crave for is- our country soil smell, its not only a metaphor but it is a deep sentiment, a poignant feeling which describes our love and our craving for it.

This feeling becomes much more pronounced and poignant with festivities around us; nothing can beat that frenzy of Holi, Diwali, Durga puja, Ed-ul-fitr, Pongal & Baisaki nostalgic memories for me. Before shifting our base to United States of America, I have lived in Central India, South India, Northern & Eastern India. I have loved the celebration of multifaceted culture of our country, the feast and the cheers of good times. Nostalgic!

There are lovely beautiful colors around us smell of Gulal, smell of diyas, sweet sewai, those breathtaking rangoli designs around festivals & pious occasions. Nothing can replace those chants,reverberating chimes of mantras & prayers sang during Ganeash chaturthi, Krishna janamashtmi or Mata Rani Durbar and watching those kavde hail “Jai Bholenath” during Shivratri Mahapujan.

I want to smell India uniqueness; I crave to smell India, its richness, its diversity & its beauty, its colors, its food & its love.

I remembered being here to beautiful India Cultural Gardens, part of Cleveland Cultural Gardens, Ohio, many times for my regular weekend walks, its beautiful park, surrounded with richness of our heritage and a great unwinding time to connect with India Heritage.

So, what best would be other than coming up with the Fragrance, which is close to my heart, which is my identity, which am I as Indian!

My India Fragrance is mixture of 3 sensational fragrances mix with my nostalgia, I wish whenever I am smelling “Godrej Aer”, I smell my country warmth, my country passion & my country colors.


My India Fragrance inspired from my regular weekend walk from India Cultural Garden & dedicated to my Triranga, Indian National Flag is- Our Indian National Flag is tricolor of Deep Saffron; White & India Green with the Ashoka Chakra, a 24 spoke Wheel in blue color in the center.

Deep Saffron –

In our National Flag, Saffron color signifies courage & valor. Saffron color is in sync with the passion and gratitude for me towards my country. I choose Orange colors Roses fragrance to compliment it like glowing beaming sunsets. It encompasses the fire element very well too for the passion that has boundless intensity. For me passion for my country is like this “Orange Rose Wildness”.


In our National Flag, White color signifies Peace & Honesty. White color is in sync with perfect blend of White Lotus, evocative of tranquility & calmness like beautiful snow or beautiful dewdrops or still water. It encompasses the Water element very well too for the peace that has solidarity for all alike. Lotus has spiritual/religious significance also around our culture rituals & auspicious ceremonies. Lotus has this calmness that arise from the fact that they are nurture from muddy water. It’s pride of our Nation as our “National Flower” too.


It is universal color for Foliage around us. This Chlorophyll is life enthusing. In our National Flag Green color connotes- Hope, Joy, and Fertility. So, I choose Green Apple scent to beautifully encompass the Earth element-delivering message of Joy and Hope around us.

My choice of Fragrance would be mixed with these 3 scents flavors showing Love, Duty & Freedom for my country, which I reminisces as India Fragrance, Not to be missed.

Jai Hind.

This post is written for the “Godrej Aer” #InspireAFragnance# to create crowd-inspired Fragrance.

The “Godrej Aer” is taking leap in the Fragrance world to change the pleasure definition of smell & fragrance. “The way it smells, and the way it spells”.

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You must be the change you wish to see in the world~Mahatma Gandhi



20 thoughts on “India Fragrance

  1. Hello there,

    I can perfectly relate to your feelings, something that I also carry with me. You have stayed in various places of India, which is really good. For me northern and Eastern India are in to-do list. Mind you times have changed, so have people. I really feel the difference when I happen to go there and wonder if is it me or is it the people?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ANooP Ty for the wonderful words. People might change, but Indian-ness wont change or go away from our blood. I still have connections with my Eastern & Northern side friends,I am happy happy for that. I am North-Indian, born & raised there 🙂
      Few lines, my fav- Hum logo ko samjah sako toh samjho dilbarjaani, jitna bhi tum samjhoge utni hogi hariani 😀 :-D…….Phir bhi dil hain hindistani. Keep sharing insights & feedback. Good wishes.


      1. 😀 True thing, we will always miss being there, though we might be in a better world, leading a better life than we would in India. I have mentioned that in one of my award posts, India has a gravity effect.



        1. Which Award posts are we talking ,hmm, u got my attention 😀 :-D, plz share the link for me to read it, wud appreacite, I need to applauds too, though bit late.
          Gravity Effect nicechoice of words 🙂 I agree.TC


  2. I don’t think I miss my country as much as I miss my people there. Even today I always make sure to give due respect to our national Anthem and make sure no one disrespects it and I certainly have an admiration for our Tiranga whenever I see it flying. I won’t say I have lost my indianness being away from India just cos I don’t miss my mitti ki khushboo. But I sure do now miss the colorful settings during festivities after reading your post….I can see your love affair towards our country 🙂


    1. Ty Vidhya for stopping by 🙂 Country is never complete without its people, citizens, u might have understood in some different way about my feelings which I pour in this post 🙂 People makes community & community builds nation/country. Whom will I miss in literal sense when I think of festivities or smell of food etc? Obviously people, my extended family & friends.
      I am glad my post can touch your heart in some ways.Keep reminiscing & sharing your wonderful insights. Good wishes.

      Liked by 1 person

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