Sharing with you all from my collections, one of my favorite painting which I bought from our Las Vegas trip last winters. This is beautiful & amazing piece of Art for its sincerity & essence from the eyes of a painter.


We stopped to click snaps at the LV Fabulous “Welcome Sign”, while waiting for our turn, my eyes caught up with one of the artist paining this vision of LV Welcome sign. He was so engrossed in his arts & his hands rhythmically moving brushstrokes & some kind of combing tool to create the vision.

“There is always a Party on the LV strip”.

I have always been fan of Street markets & Street food. These street markets & street artists have their charms & well-crafted antics to keep crowd amused. You get to see plethora, innumerable, artistic visions of every sorts if you visit LV famous strip.

An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.
  ~James Whistler 

I went to the place where he was busily working with this wonderful painting, stood for few seconds in gasping awe & said “Hi! How are you doing today? This is one lovely painting you are making?”

Without looking back at me he asked “Do you want to buy it”?

I wasn’t sure if it’s for sale, but got my wish, so told him “Why not”? It’s great piece of art & I would love to have it.”

He said “Thanks”!

The deal was made, I got this painting, which whenever I see, and I remember my first visit to LV, the fabulous city that never sleeps.

“Artists of any kind are always awe-inspiring, there is no dearth to creativity & vision”.


A Picture is worth a thousands words!
How did you look at this painting? Share your thoughts with me.



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