Restrict my freedom
Adjunct to my survival?
Palette of gender stereotypes
Eschew my empowerment?

Ruefully doing duty
Abhorrent of my rights?
Palette of Hors d’oeuvre
Enlightenment on equality
Redundant vows
Age-old customs
Paradox of social stigma
Emanate hushed reality?
Revoked rights
Atoned moralities
Privileges defiled
Embalm my tainted honor
RAPE-Sexual Assault/abuse/coercion without another person consent, traumatizing person morally, emotionally & physically forever. I won’t use word Victim as it’s negative connotative for such a heinous crime & assault on humanity.Why to categorize sensitive issues like Rape on the basis of Gender stereotypes & to widen the gap of gender inequality even more? Why not just simply put crime & violence as one human violating “Right To Live” for another human being?
Juvenile Rapist are categorized as Minors
 Existing law “The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000” is missing biting teeth & sharpest claws. The Act has been criticized & put under public scanner after heinous violation of human rights with brave girl, Damini. The main detrimental factor to decide on the case should now be focused on the “magnitude” of the crime. So many PIL(Public Interest Litigation) have been mooted to support this much-needed change.
If person is “mute spectator” for crime committed, isn’t it amount to perpetrating crime in some ways? Like wise, Rehabilitation of such delinquents & inhuman creatures isn’t going to amend the damage done & increasing rate of crimes involving juvenile. Psychologists, experts & social workers support rehabilitation for these “Accused Minors” on basis of juvenile history, psychological remnants as factors needed for them to rehabilitate.
Raise kids not girls & boys, as family is the first social institution for any kid. So if this first step is taken well, rest is assured. I feel I am living in Neolithic era —- so why not raise better kids without following gender biases & stereotypes?It would take generations to have this mindset if we just do our duty rightfully.
Stop gender discrimination & shielding
I feel we need laws for sex offenders, abusers, and assaulter very sincerely. Like marking them as sex offender releasing it with their registration & community notification <data> everywhere to be assessed on the lines of ” USA Megan Law”. Penalty for juvenile crime is very less, it’s the biggest impediments.Protecting minors from such kind of heinous crime implicates that if you get the “Juvenile certification”, you are released in few years.Harshest laws like Capital punishment are need for an hour. This will arise a kind of fear implications for their actions.While writing this post, many times as a person, I have gone through overwhelming desire to lash out my latent anguish, to rant endlessly, thinking about the Damini fate, how she must have coped all that, it was brutal, it was inhuman & its pathetic reality.We have been listening about Rape of minor’s girls; abuse of kids, boys & girls alike as young as few days/months old. Where our sanity of civilization headed?I  watched one documentary some time ago, I was filled with deep seething burning anguish, as I was struck, not able to do anything to change this glaring reality in any ways around me.In the documentary its shown that in Zimbabwe, men suffering from HIV/AIDS rape young girls<read VIRGIN RAPES> to get purified/ cleansed as told by their healers. So many minors cases were reported, how they are surviving with this ordeal & worst infliction on their right to live? Cultural shock isn’t it? Everything revolve under a system, we have social structure, political structure, legal structure all pillars have to stand well & uphold the basic tenets as listed in our Indian constitution, Preamble.


So Redefine RAPE as~Respect All People Existence

Be HUMAN first
Not a HE-MAN?



27 thoughts on “HUSHED SILENCE

  1. A nice one Ruchi, a very powerful message as well.. It is something which has been taken granted from generations together and it somehow feels like a perpetual effort to make something happen in that front.

    Nice to see a mix of poetry and articulation in the article, it is a good mix and a nice thing to see in flexible writing.

    Just a thought, maybe a couple of variations in title might help get few more readers. Hushed silence is good, but for a new reader of the site, he might not know what to look for from the article before reading it.

    I might be wrong, but just a thought 🙂 ..

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey Vinay, it’s always great/wonderful/happy feeling to learn/hear from you Friend 🙂 I gave it a thought what you have mentioned, so will keep that in my mind for next time to experiment with titles in a more resonating ways. I am very happyexcited to read your wonderful comment, I got my accolades again from you. Yay, Hi-5 again 😀 😀
      Keep giving me your insights*critique.Good wishes.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Vidhya, I didn’t have to do research, as a person you keep on coming with these weird news from times to times 😦 😦 & rest about polity etc I knew as it’s was my subject during graduation 😀 😀 but watching that documentary over Netflix was very overwhelming for me.If want I will share name with you.
      Yup I used the word “Lash out” 😀 thanks for stopping by. Don’t stop your wonderful*encouraging feedback my friend.Good Wishes.


  2. You play with words flamboyantly 🙂 You highlighted the permanent solution.
    /Raise kids not girls & boys, as family is the first social institution for any kid. So if this first step is taken well, rest is assured./

    Also, we should revoke many indirect factors which leads to feeding minds of kids with sick thoughts about opposite gender! Even male victims were there!

    Our media feeds younger generation with lust and shows women as objects! As long as we water the weeds, it will grow. Any punishment / law is just a barricade, may work or may fail!

    So Practising Self Defense, Imbibing good values to the younger generation are permanent solution in my opinion.

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    1. Oh Dinesh thanks for wonderful/appreciative words 🙂 I am happy that you all can resonate with my efforts & insights somewhere 🙂 Mission Accomplished for me, it’s a very miniscule thing which I can do for the causes pertaining to Gender & Human lives in question. Yeah self-defense is one good point too & making them realize values for both Body & Mind is important. Good wishes. thanks for stopping by 🙂


    1. thanks for the wonderful & encouraging words Maniparna. I am glad that my little efforts for this cause has resonates well with you all.
      Yeah I wrote those heart-wrenching lines with RAPE than thought to end it on a positive note, which I always advocate, Respect 🙂
      It’s pleasure to hear your thoughts, hope to hear from you more 🙂
      Good Wishes.

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