Take it easy, yaar!

Why most of the times, people seems to be opinionated with this catch phrase “take it easy, yaar/buddy”!
Whenever something happens we have this catchphrase handy to post it to others very naively,
“Chill & take it easy yaar/buddy.”
Your mind must have raved in sheer disdain to hear this crazy bantering many times. So how to take it easy, in difficult situations? There are no set of rules to follow but general advice & tips to stay focused on your Goals.

Chill & temper?

Easy in difficult situations?
That’s analogy sounds different but not difficult to follow. With these few suggestive tips you can catch a fresh breather amidst stressful routine.

Reversible effect

Try “Time out” Technique.

This is very useful technique for managing black outs, disappointments, and gloomy phase.

We all have had our shares of such “tough” days, when we just heed solace. So, just try out this “Time out technique”. Whenever you feel pangs of nefarious attitudes, just sit aloof, reminisce, cool off & focus on your main agenda-Your Goal & Your happiness.


Follow your passion, hobbies & things that make you happy & cheerful.

Take time out for your passion, few times a week or month to start up with, you will sure notice changes in you.

Mediate, Nature walk, Paint, Swim, Gardening, plan outdoor fun with friends & family. You are recharged with positive energy.

Reach out for help

We often feel shy to talk on our apprehensions, fears, phobias, and bad experiences & even hushed on curiosity.

There are many subtle ways, to handle your problems as every lock has its key! So find a way to seek advice from trusted sites like Advice Adda as they offer Anonymity too.

Without reaching out & taking this first step, you will feel blocked out & blacked out often as fresh perspective & unbiased second advice can make you feels better than this catchphrase-take it easy yaar!

Shedding labels
Why emotional outbursts & temper tantrums are labeled?

It takes lots to bear & than let it go in a fuming second of choice?
I don’t know how many of you will agree with me on this random thought but sometimes venting out in any possible way is good, be it through communication within your trusted circle, seeking experts advice or even sometimes cussing fate, we all do this.

When your body positivity is substituted with negativity, an emotional outburst becomes very apparent phenomena until you regain control over it & be goal-oriented.

Provocation needs justification?

We often feel we have been provoked first so we lashed out at others?

We often have this fragmentation in minds & hearts that our actions were subjugated & we did it alright to loosen our grip, in some ways. But aren’t we justifying our shortfalls & outbursts in disguise of our naiveté to understand we need help? We need to reach out for our problems. We need fixing not justification.

Tough get going

Remember “tough time don’t last but tough people do”(Quote by Robert H Schuller).

Last but not least, all these savory pleasantries of life & words seem to be amusing & worth pondering for, but again if you don’t follow or take that first step, it’s back to zero.

Why I am in haste?
Why muzzles over this topic?
“Take it easy” Ruchi, my inner voice told me… with this though to ponder, Good wishes for you all.


This post is written for Advice Adda website, for which I am contributing as a writer.It’s a way for me to discover,express & share thoughts via this wonderful platform.You can log on to website@ http://www.adviceadda.com

As a writer my aim is always to read & improvise more.Hope to hear your feedback for my efforts. Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Take it easy, yaar!

  1. Lovely article but one only wishes that it was that easy to follow these steels 😦 step back karne mein hi to problem hota hai!!


    1. Meera, I shared one point which has helped me a lot, following passion, hobbies etc & foremost I believe is reaching out 🙂 & taking that first baby step.Try 🙂
      Ty for stopping by.


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