ABC Wednesday Challenge

ABC Wednesday Challenge- C For

My take on ABC Wednesday Challenge-C for CREATIVITY, A world full of Creative Expressions 🙂 🙂 I am sharing snapshots from our recent visit to amazing Mentor Beach Fest, Ohio.

C For CAR , beautiful sand sculptor


C For CROCODILE 😀 😀 beautiful sand sculptor


C For CASTLE 🙂 🙂 beautiful sand sculptor


C For COLORS beautiful colored sand for sand art project 🙂 🙂


This post is a part of ABC Wednesday Challenge. The Theme for this week is “C is for”.
Don’t forget to share your insights with me on this take. Its always wonderful to hear from you all. For more such visual treats you all can visit ABC Wednesday link here-ABC Wednesday.



28 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday Challenge

    1. Chaitali, it’s been made by Public Enthusiasts & tourists coming to be a part of Mentor Beach fest 🙂 I clicked these snaps with other ones I shared yesterday as I found them very admiring 🙂 :-). These were open for watching & for snapshots like other Sand Arts Activities & Games.I interacted with one of the sweet family too making that amazing car sand sculptor, those little girls with their parents & grandparents were amazing 🙂 :-). Ty for stopping by.Tc

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  1. Oh my, these are wonderful. I thought of my dad immediately when i saw the first one. He would have loved it so much! (he was a mechanic and was happy tinkering with cars, even to the last day of his life)

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