One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

~William Shakespeare

Hurray! Walk With Me series completed a month as its 30th day today 🙂 🙂

Sharing wonderful snap shots from today run at one of our Reservations park.It’s a Coyote Habitat Area.I wasn’t expecting to meet them at all 😀 😀 the reservation indeed has got awesome Trails for Walking/Hiking &  Snowshoeing (we have tried it last winters).


PINES2 PINESS PINESS3Our afternoon activity hour resulted in Pine-cone Alien, Pine-cones sanctuary ,Twig decorated with flowers & a Pine- cone Bird feeder.I am delighted to see Pine Cone Alein as my 3 year old younger daughter told me “Mom, I made a Monster for you.” 😀 😀 Pine-cone sanctuary was a great idea as my 9 years old elder daughter mixed colors & took pebbles which we have collected from Glass Beach, Fort Bragg,California last summer & even more she tried to place Twigs & Painted Pine-cones. All in all good learning activity too for them to think creative. My elder one is taking after me,  enthusiastic to learn about Eco-systems & environment discussions 🙂 🙂


Happiness flutters in the air whilst we rest among the breaths of nature.

~Kelly Sheaffer

My heart-felt “Thanks” to all of you for your encouragement & wonderful words about “Walk With Me” series. Keep Walking With Me & sharing your wonderful insights.




20 thoughts on “WALK WITH ME DAY#30

  1. Kudos to you on completion of a month long nature walk and what an individuality the posses in creation. Beautiful indeed. I can’t seem to pick my fav cos they all are. You are one lucky mom….great activity.You should save all of them and personalise during Christmas as trinkets…..

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    1. Thanks Vidhya for your wishes & love 🙂 I am grateful to all of you for adoring “Walk With Me” series.Keep giving me insights.
      Yup gr8 idea for the X’mas trinkets, even I was thinking to make some Reindeer out from Pine-cones, my fav 😀 Tc

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    1. Mihran your compliment has “Wowed” me 😀 😀
      I am very Thankful to you for your appreciation. It’s very kind of you to confer me the title of Princess 🙂
      Keep adoring my blog & articles. keep “Walking With Me”.
      Good Wishes & Cheers!


      1. wow – this is my new piano clip melody ” Dalia”

        The Lyrics:

        I see your name put on that cover in the magazine, whoa, whoa
        I really think that you’re the best picture in the screen, whoa, whoa
        I’ll make a wish, to see your sun
        To make my life, to become true
        I have your voice, in my ears
        It’s clear like glass, please end my tears

        The special one thing most like in my dreams, whoa,
        I’ll never give up for the last moment on the scene, whoa
        I’ll make a wish, to see your sun
        To make my life, to become true
        I have your voice, in my ears
        It’s clear like glass, please end my tears

        Dalia dalia, dalia dalia, dalia dalia, it’s my love
        Dalia dalia, dalia dalia, dalia dalia, it’s my love

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    2. Miran thanks for your kind words of appreciation & encouragement always.I am very glad to know that you are finding my “Walk With Me” series motivating. So keep Walking with me & keep fit 🙂 Tc


  2. And your names has a meaning: Light, beauty. You deserve a title of Princess. I adore your blogs, I am speechless and running of words. Every morning I read your blogs it gives me a positive energy instead having my vitamin.

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    1. That’s one beautiful composition Mihran 🙂 thanks for sharing it.Just amazing to its core 🙂
      I am speechless now with all these wonderful accolades, title & lovely words. I can just say “Thank you” for being so inspirational & encouraging & more than that “Thanks” for adoring “Walk with Me” series so much. When one day I just came with this idea to start this daily series, I wasn’t sure that it wud be so loved by you all so much & your words means a lot to me esp that you get something positive out of it daily like a dose of vitamin, its really very kind of you to mention it & I am very happy to learn this.
      So, Keep “Walking With Me” & Good wishes to you for your Music & passion. Tc

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    1. Vinay ty for appreciating my kids work 🙂 they will be happy to know that you all have liked their sincere efforts.
      Coyotes plz I was hoping not to meet & greet them as I dont run like Road runner 😀 😀
      Ty for stopping by


    1. Hey ANooP, this challenge & bet is with myself, to re-invent myself with my Blog & my Nature Walk series, a passion I am following now & enjoying it to every bits 😀 😀
      Keep encouraging me.Ty & Cheers 🙂

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    2. ANooP, you are Walking With Me everyday 🙂 with your encouragement & everyone else adoration,I have found energy to keep going too, Kudos to you all 🙂
      Keep Walking With Me!
      Good wishes.


    1. Thanks Maniparna for your adoration for “Walk with me series & hope you will continue walking with me & giving me your insights.
      I have not started this series as some challenge or bet for a month only 😀 I have started it to continue till your & everyone else good wishes are with me :-). It’s a challenge for me to re-invent myself for healthy lifestyle & keeping fit. Hugs Tc 🙂

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