Comes with no expiration tag,

Cheerful memories

With no lamenting stories

Heart yearns for those moments

Spend carefree on laughter notes


Those Floating Paper boats,

Jumping from the fences

Stealing joys from childhood

Making airplanes from dreams cache

Sharing one slice of fun

Swaying our ways on Music

Happy & smiling days

I miss you everyday!


Diving into the shallow water

Holding hands together

Sharing our little secrets

That unforgettable

Nostalgia hits me!


Fragrant sapling of companionship

Nurtured by our fondness

We met by chance

And rescued by fate


My Heart wonder for clues,

How you will be?

From shining bright stars

I wish you happiness & life ajar


Happy Friendship Day wishes to all my friends.



18 thoughts on “F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    1. ANooP thanks for sharing your wonderful blog post, going to check it now 🙂 Yup Friends are special things, like a favorite chocolates, saving from pebbles,Thanks for your wishes.Cheers to Friendship! Tc 🙂


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