Thursday challenge

Thursday Challenge Theme~ “SIMPLE” (Minimalist, One or Two Colors, Simple Shapes, Simple Things…)

Here’s My Visual Takes on this Theme 🙂 🙂


This post is a part of  this week “Thursday Challenge” theme.The Theme of this week is -“SIMPLE” (Minimalist, One or Two Colors, Simple Shapes, Simple Things…)If you like my take on this theme,don’t forget to share your insights with me in the comment box. It’s always good to hear back from you all. Thanks 🙂

For more such visual treats, you can visit this link  Thursday challenge.


10 thoughts on “Thursday challenge

    1. Bikramjit, those days with Lanterns/candles/emergency light were indeed something, I still have fond memories where we all cousins used to hop on the charpai on our roof & used to count stars & sings songs/rhymes/multiplication tables 😀 😀

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    1. Haha Maniparna this little creature I spotted just outside our garage door, cudn’t help not to click it ;-D
      Lantern has indeed very rustic feel, I also loved it.
      Thanks for stopping by, it’s always pleasure to cyber-hear you.Good Wishes 🙂


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