Seasons Glory

Once upon a time at tinsel town,

Jingles bells chimes year around.

At Faraway castle amidst Seasons glory

Mother Nature splendor sings a lovely story

Summer & Winter narrative

Preceded by Fall & Autumn ablative

Spawning candid moments

Out of sheer admonitions

Summer is full of pride
winter baring her might

Oh! Mother Nature is awe-struck
admiring her Spawns mighty cluck

Adore you as you both are
Welcome you as you both are

My singing glory

My chance to weave lovely memory

Waxing moon phase glory

Mother singing children

Loving lullaby story

flocking their beautiful gains

Donning pretty colorful gowns
summer & winter triumphs the town
Rapunzel glory or Cinderella story

It would always be a perfect

Mother- Daughter story




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