ABC Wednesday Challenge- “F For”

My take on ABC Wednesday Challenge–  F for FINESSE.

My recent visit to nostalgic Squire Rich House was memorable, mainly for its rich cultural heritage & wonderful collections of artifacts & antiques that have been donated to the Brecksville Historical Association. Charles Rich and his wife, Ann Jane, who journeyed from New Lebanon Springs, on the border of New York and Massachusetts in a wagon to visit to Brecksville in 1835, founded the Squire Rich house. The House, which is now a property of Cleveland Metro parks, Brecksville Reservation. The Brecksville Historical Association maintains the house as a museum.
These exquisite pieces were considered to be a status symbol way back than, for Elite social strata. At the Museum the pantry shelves has wonderful display of collection of irons, ironstone china and other kitchen utensils. Sharing few snapshots to define “Finesse” of artistry. 🙂 🙂


F F1 F2 F4  F6 F8 F9 FF

This post is a part of ABC Wednesday Challenge. The Theme for this week is “F is for”?

Don’t forget to share your insights with me on this take. Its always wonderful to hear from you all. For more such visual treats you all can visit ABC Wednesday link here-ABC Wednesday.



16 thoughts on “ABC WEDNESDAY#F

    1. That’s indeed nostalgic Roger. I am happy to learn that this theme has resonated well with you in some ways. My grandma has few of the lovely collections too, mostly in the white & blue. I have always loved its intricate patterns & delicacy. Cheers 🙂


    1. Yeah Nabanita, old is gold 🙂 we have so much variety & choices over the years but these early settlers pottery is just remarkable in its appeal.
      Nostalgic memories.Thanks for stopping by. Good Wishes.


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