Hey Friends ! I wish to share one wonderful news with you all about my first step towards getting published in upcoming Anthology in English “Her Story:Is Not Always a Story”.  🙂 🙂

This anthology carries brilliant collection of stories of women’s life. The stories are in their workspace, their home, out on the road and cover almost every corner that touches women’s life. I have written a title story for this Anthology. The anthology ‘Her Story’ has been compiled from an all India contest in which best of authors have come up with different issues which a woman has to tackle in her work place or related to her duties.

I am feeling very excited as I am starting this new phase in my writer’s journey. Wish me good luck & do grab a copy at Home Shop link.

Take this book glimpse at Good reads

For Amazon link I will update soon once it’s shared.


22 thoughts on “FIRST STEP!

    1. It’s always great to hear back from you Alok, I really feel humbled with your kind & wonderful words, thanks a lot. 🙂 🙂
      You can order the book anytime you wish, no hurry & even I have to do the same for your upcoming book, my heat felt wishes to your lovely family for starting new phase in new home with new gleaming hopes & love. Good wishes to you all. 🙂


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