How it feels to hold the book in your hands, when you have been waiting eagerly to hold them dearly. I have finally got to hold my first published Anthology, “Her Story” in India. The book is now available at Amazon –…/…/819298270X/ref=sr_1_3…


Today evening, I received courier for my another Anthology collection- “The Squire- Page A Day Poetry Anthology 2015” which has 8 of my muses & “Poetry for food III, Four play # 19” has one of my muse. The book is available at-


Sharing one of my poem here with you all,  from Poetry for Food, ❤ ❤


Another Published Anthology of short stories, 31 sins is now available on Amazon for my US friends & readers & also on the Barnes & Nobles for UK, Europe & Australia readers. The book is indeed a beautiful concoction of stories & poems based on Human Sins & ability to rectify them.
To order visit these links-…

Cheers ❤ ❤


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