Walk With Me Day # 80

Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things,

but just look what they can do when they stick together.

~Vista M. Kelly

Sigh! February is almost over. And, March on its way, wonderful month welcoming everyone with vibrant & colorful festivals. Indeed so much to do in Spring, after snow-doodling. Though our neighborhood has over 6 inches of snowfall in last 2 weeks and snow showers are our routine spectacle.  Last night, there was a loud thud, as I wondered about the strange voice, my elder daughter pointed out, “Mom! Look there’s something on the wall?” It was astonishing to see the about two inches swollen bump on the wall,  I was freaking out as the wall is practically around our entertainment center, the hub of wires. The minor electrical impulses were there and as much odd it might sound but I touched the wall in one of my curious exploration, 😀 😀 which I hardly do around the house especially rub shoulders with the electrical mishaps, but it was late, I got a minor shock. Nothing serious happened with me, but later I have to call society maintenance guy to rectify it. We have to wait for the morning to clear all the icicles and heaps of snow from the adjoining rooftops. Sigh!

Early morning the maintenance guy came and hopped on the roof, to push away all the icicles popping down and snow pushing the roof and sideways walls! what an absolute wonder amazement it was to see the mighty chunks of snow wavering into some mushy delight? I waved from our living room window gesturing “Thank You”! Such a power packed mischievous snowy flurries. 😀 😀

Looking for relax weekend and lets hope, I recover from this weather bug & my Snow-O-Woes gets over soon.

Have a look at these snaps from last 2 days. Enjoy & have a great evening ahead.

Cheers ❤ ❤


All photographs are copyrighted by me. If you wish to use them, please feel free to do so but with a courtesy link back to this blog 🙂 🙂


Lo, sifted through the winds that blow,
Down comes the soft and silent snow,
White petals from the flowers that grow
In the cold atmosphere.
~George W. Bungay




Walk With Me Day#79

Happiness flutters in the air whilst we rest among the breaths of nature.

~Kelly Sheaffer
I am back with “Walk With Me” series. The “white spell” has kept me indoors most of the times. I have been laziest all these weeks to share wonderful anecdotes and happenings. Our neighborhood witnessed heaviest snowfall all this week. Tons of salt, snow plow, sledding, snowball fight, freeze tag game, hot soups, pizzas, ice-skating & warmth were few buzzing words for us. Schools were closed, Aha! we got 4 days in a row for fun & activities. Driving in snow gets tacky sometimes, but the serene & beautiful scenery is always a welcome gesture. Driving past these snow-clad streets makes dull spirit yearns for more magic. It all looks so pristine, like little snow fairies churning snowy delights.

Sharing with you all few wonderful snaps of weather.


If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.

~Vincent Van Gogh



Compassion# My Spiritual Wallet

Compassion# My Spiritual Wallet COMPASSION1000 Voices Speak for Compassion

I stared at my laptop screen for long time, that blinking cursor, wearing puzzled smirk, wryly contemplating, “Hope it’s not your another long moment of soul-searching, Huh!”

I reflect on my views, translating them from the pandemonium of thoughts I was deliberating from the day I joined this wonderful platform #1000voices for Compassion. There is so much to begin with, there is so much to share and to care to escape mayhem of utter chaos and fast-paced life.

~Compassion For Me~

I came up with 2 analogies to put forward my views on the #Compassion.

The word Compassion for me is ingenuous mix of conformity with our own “Emotive Piggy-bank” and being passionate for our “Spiritual Wallet”.

~Spiritual Magnetism~

I believe strongly in the instinctive feelings, emotional connection and telepathy. The spiritual connection is made with the person whom you are communicating or decide to communicate at that moment, the choice and the bond is formed, that bond is glued with compassion, it’s mutual, the giver and the taker has to respond in their own unique ways. Needless to emphasize Compassion is understandable with the gestures, wordless communications and just being their salient support.

It’s like your “Spiritual Wallet”. You are taking out (spending) “emotions” and the “change” you get back is self-rewarding and self-exhilarating. You will get multitude of happiness, peace and contentment in return.

Your spiritual aura would be healed and happy as you are helping someone in his or her healing and recovery process. Being able to volunteer for the society in any ways, community sharing and giving back is one of the best ways to learn being compassionate.

Fill this “wallet” with self-compassion, self-realization and self- esteem. The more you are valued in these 3 departments you will immensely be happy to spend from your happy and healthy “spiritual wallet”.

Share is care; so don’t stop yourself for being vulnerable or for helping someone going through tough times, as all you can do best is to be there for them in whatever ways you can.

By being there doesn’t imply physical presence is imperative for this “compassionate communication”. You can easily do this by harboring good thoughts, good vibes, and goodness in whatever ways your “Spiritual Wallet” permits you.


~Words have power to heal and to bleed~

Many times it happens we are thrown into such situations, when, we are lost and desolated. We reach out; we exhibit all strength and sense, to understand someone’s pains, miseries and sufferings.

We can’t change their circumstances but we can offer comfort, by being nice and displaying empathy for them in such trying times of their life.

 “Willingness” to reach out and being “Kind” is the key towards being compassionate.

 ~Self-Compassion is the key to understand larger nuances of Compassion~

I remembered one connection I made 2 years back with one of the lady I met in the hospital restrooms. We both were hiding our concerns and fears for our kids; we both were waiting for our Kid’s turns outside the Pediatric Pathology. I was hopelessly panicked and when I saw her wiping her tears and splashing water on her face, something inside me changed than. I reached out, we sat together, talked about our kids, our family, we listened, we shared and we cared for each other sufferings and emotions without being judgmental or harboring presumptive thoughts.

We also exchanged our cell numbers afterwards. What I got from taking that first step and reaching out was long lasting friendship. In times of our life odds and upheavals, we both have found contentment and good listener in each other company. We become good friends afterwards and we both are still in touch with each other.

Self-Compassion is important for being compassionate for others woes, as it’s perfectly normal to have melt-downs, bad days, hopelessness and sadness creeping in our life system, when we accept our weaknesses and insecurities, we are elucidating healthy and happy mind.

~Whatever name you give to this angel, she will always personify love, compassion and goodness~

Oh! This angelic word has so many synonyms, tenderhearted, empathy, kindness, consideration, care and much more. Every word will give you a definitive circle of trust, love, appreciation and contentment.

 Compassion has so many different names, terminology, and definitions but in Human dictionary of emotions, it’s understood without cultural barriers, without biases and without much ado for perfect words.

 We understands when someone genuinely reach out and care about us in anyways, its not language which teaches us being compassionate, its our heart and soul which practice compassion.

~Emotive Piggy-bank~

We all have needs and desires, we all display emotions to varied degrees depending on the situational and non-situational factors. Like, we collect loose change in our piggy-bank, we save loose money, with hope it will be big enough to cash on one day. Same I think we need for our emotions also. These “little deeds” of kindness and compassionate acts made our life worthy and reflecting. Lucky one knows the value of this Emotive Piggy-bank.

 Keep collecting dimes and cents in your Piggy-bank irrespective of how small your effort is in the beginning, it’s going to be big “change” someday.

~Mother Nature is our teacher~

There is definitely a “Symbiotic relationship” between Humanity/Compassion and Mother Nature.

 With each unique seasons and upheavals, Mother Nature teach us something good- Change is inevitable, so is our life.

 Animals, Waterfalls and Forests also speak to us in harmonious ways, they all understand value of compassion, and like human beings they have been practicing it from time immemorial. If we watch Mother Nature closely we will sure come across so many examples showing compassion. Compassion is not peculiar trait for only human beings, it’s a wordless gesture, a pronounced feelings or mute support.

Here’s my poetry dedication for all wonderful souls.


To Your

Inner “little” voice

Guiding force for all your woes

Support in the time of crisis

Reviving hopes with angelic beats

Enlightening lives of others

Exhibiting Compassionate streaks

Don’t be a miser in spending and sharing your

Spiritual wallet with everyone around

What you give will come back to you in multitude

with bonus addition of love from many thankful hearts

Humanity exists despite all evils and vices around

As we all persists to hum this beautiful

Compassion Symphony today when

#1000 voices Speak for Compassion

On February 20th, 2015, over 1000 of us will raise our voices through our writing & thoughts, and flood the blogosphere with wave of #Compassion. Join the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion group on Facebook. Check out more posts by visiting the creators, Yvonne and Lizzi.

Take that first step,

Be good and be kind to all alike.










World Cancer Day# Conquer Cancer

Re-posting one of my blog to support “World Cancer Day” awareness.

# This Poem is Dedicated to loving memory of  my Dad & to all Brave-hearts fighting battles against Cancer & supporting  the cause to find Cancer Cure. I lost my father to Cancer 23 years back. After two decades I see hope for cancer treatment & medical ground breaking success in this area is remarkable. I  wish to extend my love & good wishes to all Brave-hearts....I also support the cause of Pink Ribbon & their remarkable work for raising awareness for Breast-Cancer.

It’s not CANCER,


Fighting Battles for life,

Shining bright like a divine light.

You are warrior & a brave heart,

Don’t ever feel you are drifting apart.

Hold yourself,

Pace yourself,

Brace your courage & hopes,

Embrace all love to cope.

Your fight, your story,

Shared & cared,

Heard & echoed,

With loving embrace,

You never feel alone,

Disappointed with profound pressures,

Fragile isn’t your niche,

Don’t just go crumbling,

Captured by this evil unknown.

These victory scars salutes your spirits,

You are a true Hero & a survivor.

Just hold onto that hope,

Just don’t let it go,

Just hang in there,

As it’s all we care,

It’s all we care…

Just remember,

It’s not CANCER,