World Cancer Day# Conquer Cancer

Re-posting one of my blog to support “World Cancer Day” awareness.

# This Poem is Dedicated to loving memory of  my Dad & to all Brave-hearts fighting battles against Cancer & supporting  the cause to find Cancer Cure. I lost my father to Cancer 23 years back. After two decades I see hope for cancer treatment & medical ground breaking success in this area is remarkable. I  wish to extend my love & good wishes to all Brave-hearts....I also support the cause of Pink Ribbon & their remarkable work for raising awareness for Breast-Cancer.

It’s not CANCER,


Fighting Battles for life,

Shining bright like a divine light.

You are warrior & a brave heart,

Don’t ever feel you are drifting apart.

Hold yourself,

Pace yourself,

Brace your courage & hopes,

Embrace all love to cope.

Your fight, your story,

Shared & cared,

Heard & echoed,

With loving embrace,

You never feel alone,

Disappointed with profound pressures,

Fragile isn’t your niche,

Don’t just go crumbling,

Captured by this evil unknown.

These victory scars salutes your spirits,

You are a true Hero & a survivor.

Just hold onto that hope,

Just don’t let it go,

Just hang in there,

As it’s all we care,

It’s all we care…

Just remember,

It’s not CANCER,




5 thoughts on “World Cancer Day# Conquer Cancer

    1. Words have power to heal & to encourage…My Humble Thanks, Ashish for your kind mention and encouraging words. I am happy my message is conveyed well.
      Much gratitude for your condolences..It’s been a tough ride for my family..but I am happy things have changed so much since than in the field of Cancer Cure & Awareness.
      Thanks for stopping by! Good Wishes.

      Liked by 1 person

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