Bully or Ally, it’s a choice #1000Speak

I was craving for some kind of inspiration to overcome my creative hiatus- “what to pen down for this month topic, Bullying, <sigh>.” During that vagrant pursuit, I randomly picked up my iPhone and started to see the available game apparatus on the Bullying. Oh! To my utter astonishment the list was long for this … Continue reading Bully or Ally, it’s a choice #1000Speak


When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels. Today I am sharing few amazing clicks of the foggy, cloudy or better say how last of the snowfalls days looks like? The astounding weather has adorned our neighborhood in its zesty and vivacious "white spell" as it glows and glitters with season's … Continue reading WALK WITH ME DAY # 81