Bully or Ally, it’s a choice #1000Speak

I was craving for some kind of inspiration to overcome my creative hiatus– “what to pen down for this month topic, Bullying, <sigh>.” During that vagrant pursuit, I randomly picked up my iPhone and started to see the available game apparatus on the Bullying. Oh! To my utter astonishment the list was long for this “fun filled virtual thrashing.”

Sadly this “witticism” made me notices the glum words like revenge, thrashing, trashing, smash, and so on.

My mind raved with the thought, Is it a sane idea even if for fun, to beat up, trash up, brace up against Bully, in such ways, communicating totally negative message altogether for this sensitive issue? And, my momentary creative hiatus was over too.

“Don’t be a Bully”

It’s one of the most common catchphrases we all might have used sometimes or somewhere in our lives.

Bullying is unwelcome, assertive behavior of anyone, which thrives on power “inequality”. And Inequality is like that “pricking thorn” that comes with the inflicted wound, as I mentioned in my last post on the compassion also, Words have a power to heal or bleed. It takes herculean efforts, support and intervention from family, friends, community and support groups to overcome that swallowed hurt, abuses and trauma hurled back from the Bully or better say any kind of vindictive acts. The healing process is incomplete without few of our allies, whom I have nicknamed as “happy face morals” 🙂 🙂 like Goodness, Truthfulness, Compassion and Humility etc.

Whenever I have to interact with my daughters on the issue of Bullying or any kind of interaction to make them understand the value of reverence and veracity of life I cite examples/stories of positive and happy face morals vis-à-vis negative and sad face morals/emotions like fear, anguish and sadness etc. As both sides of coin makes a whole life.

Emotive—® motives

To quote Newton third law of motion,
“For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction”, we may find uncanny similarities in our lives while processing these despicable and unwarranted behavior coming from all walks of our lives.

When a person bullies someone it’s an “interactive process”, a complete “communication” process having an “introduction” and a “conclusion” wherein the range of indemnity differs.

Usually Bullying is being categorized under major formats such as-

  • Physical bullying
  • Social Bullying
  • Verbal Bullying
  • Cyber bullying

To quote Darwin- “survival of the fittest” strategy so who is the fittest- the bully as he/she holds the power to subjugate and thrash someone self-esteem or the person who is being bullied look weaker as he/she didn’t retaliate in the same “meaner” manner as Bully does? A person who got bullied becomes “another” player in this complex perpetual game. Until this vicious cycle breaks.

Human mind is one complex entity with multitudes of thoughts, emotions and feelings to process. These platitudes of “stubborn derivatives” mostly evolve from our thoughts<congested> <prejudiced><conditioned><non-awareness><insensitivity> and our emotive responses to any kind of stimuli, bad or good.

There exists “Symbiotic relationship” between mind and positive happy face morals 🙂 🙂 that we can count as our ally like compassion, love, goodness, reverence etc.

We all are made of flesh and blood. So, why we all need to forget this reality and humiliate someone or act as brash, judgmental and insensitive to others feelings or emotions or life?

Bully or Ally, it’s a choice

To weed out these “sad face morals” 😦 😦 bringing negativity in our mindsets, flushing out them required a great deal of efforts. But keep trying of course, keep reaching out to those in needs, as it serves two purposes, it will help them in healing process and it will enrich your life in many ways as a person.

Over-hyped Stigma

Overuse word

Overt reactions

Is it a fad to use these mean words and twisted expressions encompassing “little mean acts” and “unkind” behavior?

Is this word like many other meaner words has become a fad, a convenient word to dispel or expel our fears and subjugated actions twirling around life complexities and idiosyncrasies?

Society needs to understand balance is essence to harmony. Negativity prevails as positivity is threatened with these overt reactions.

Too much use of anything will have “wear & tear” effect, The “Bully” has become the “Devolving concept” these days as too much of exposure and repetition has done the much-required harm.

Man is a social animal, its true in its core essence, we feeds on social interactions, and social following and social media. Socially inept and discarded attitudes have done much harm to the word usage and it’s correct definitive significance, which is labeled and hummed in a negative parlance since long. But the historical evidence suggests this word wasn’t painted in such a gloomy hues way back than,

If a feudal lord spoke of his “bully,” he was referring to his sweetheart, and its etymological roots referred to the Dutch word boel (lover). Several centuries later, the word’s meaning altered from “good fellow” to “blusterer”.

Gradually the word’s definition has further metamorphosed into “someone who harass the weak.”

Social interaction

Is this a nasty word or is this an “ethical” fright?

Desensitization happens when we overstressed or overuse anything, it happened with the concept of bullying also.

This word likes many others “meaner” words have been “invading” our thoughts and life in some ways or other.

You can get an idea on bullying aspects and statistical data from many Internet websites so I am not brooding over that here. My idea to pen down this piece of writing was to communicate this message, “Everyone has this quorum of positive and negative sides, but little efforts makes huge differences to many lives, contribute to community service or sharing in anyways you can do.” Learn to convert Bully into Ally through proper intervention and guidance support before it becomes more marginalized and perpetual pleasure transforming their minds into some kind of disobedient criminal or a confused traitor.

Everyone is a bully

We all have shades, grey and improbable.

Peace, Respect, Care & Share


Last month, 1000 beautiful souls has raised their “collective voice” on the issue of Compassion, I also participated in this collective efforts called as #1000speak.

This month we are collectively raising our voice on the issue of Bullying.

If you all wish to read, join, share and write for the issue, join the Facebook Page 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion

Follow @1000Speak on Twitter

Use the #1000Speak hash tag across social media.

If you all want to read my previous post on Compassion follow this link,


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