Haiku # Seabed

One random Haiku, Sapphire quilt, shabby Heaps of litter on seabed Nymphs sewing, lost times ©Ruchi Chopra Thanks for reading! Happy Sunday!


Haiku # under the trees

amber leaves under the trees bejeweled quilt © Ruchi Chopra Another Haiku, a lone swing under the tree melancholic memories © Ruchi Chopra We all were supposed to write a Haiku based on Basho "karumi-style". It was Basho's belief that a haiku without a verb is "lighter" (karumi means lightness). It is true that the … Continue reading Haiku # under the trees

No Spamming, No Soliciting!

Spammers are annoying bully Reason for my out pour of words squabbles being few of these nasty spamming goons invading my inbox and IM now & than and I wish I can squish them off, swoosh them like Candy Crush game or that Monster busters game. Sounds cool! Eh! Yesterday, I was randomly flipping through … Continue reading No Spamming, No Soliciting!

Walk With Me Day # 85

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life. ~Rachel Carson  Weather is shinier and sunny these days, with abrupt cloudy noon, which is more than a welcome respite in soaring temperature. Sharing few snaps from my Nature Walk on the Memorial Day. It was a … Continue reading Walk With Me Day # 85