Nature lost #1000Speak


Nature lost

 Claustrophobic life snuggled in one precious cast

Mechanical life resembling deceptions of brazen past

Green gold bashed up identity crisis ceased

Vanished into mugged up chaotic grease


Resonating luxuriating conch shell eerie

Holding one embellished pearl dreary

Ocean waves, trees, open sky & flying birds

Bargained for incessant clanking of consoles


Life coveted truth of one hi tech button

Submerged in eons of cyber waves

Gloating on one technological fate

Recovering fragments from that stolen fate


Redirecting choices to cache upgrade

Concrete skyscrapers holding neck high

Seemingly gloating its victory over Nature’s profile


The inner voice glanced wearily at me

The prototype of my cloned future choices

Ironically safeguarding my lost chances

I just met with she

The undeniable tainted picture of me

Juxtaposed reality struggling deep inside me

Short comment- Hi-tech life has taken over simple pleasures of life. I have tried to communicate this thought with my poem. The never ending buzzing of messages on our consoles has made our life mechanical. As I ruminate on this situation, my inner voice paints this changing picture with a thought to ponder for the sake of our future choices and existing life style. To admire the connection between Nature & our lives, all we need is to reflect on our choices. ❤ ❤


In last 3 months, 1000 beautiful souls has raised their “collective voice” on the issue of Compassion, Bullying, Nurturing.

It’s exciting to participate in this collective efforts called as #1000speak.

This month we are collectively raising our voice on the issue of Connection.

If you all wish to read, join, share and write for the issue, join the Facebook Page 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion

Follow @1000Speak on Twitter

Use the #1000Speak hash tag across social media.

If you all want to read my previous post on Compassion follow this link,

If you all want to read my previous post on Bullying follow this link,

~Poetry copyrighted by Ruchi Chopra~


10 thoughts on “Nature lost #1000Speak

  1. I think the “never ending buzzing” as you called it, stops us from slowing down and appreciating the beauty of nature. There are days I don’t leave the office to go outside ever and we are right by a river and bike paths I could enjoy over lunch. Reconnecting with nature is important. Thanks for the putting the thought in my mind!

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    1. It’s the reality of our lives, Louise, Sigh! we seems to be disconnected with Nature Profile, most of the times. Though, I started this “Walk with me” series from my evening walks, weekends getaways last year, believe me i feel rejuvenated every time I am in Nature’s lap. Moreover, sometimes, with all these non-stop buzzing & mechanical life, I switch off cell-phones etc. for few hours to detox.:-D
      If you wish to have a look at these series- here’s one link for you to follow-
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Plan Nature hiking etc. on upcoming long weekend. 🙂


  2. I am sure that life has become more difficult with the fain in technology and it seems never ending..

    I love the days when I am at my village no phone signal and even when electricity goes for hours it still feels goood.. I sometimes wish we did not have this much advancements


  3. I read this poem when somewhat close to this has been in my mind since a week now…

    Its so true how mechanical life had become.Phones have replaced letters & smilies have replaced feelings!! I’ve heard of something called “technology fasting” that promisses to help us enjoying simple pleasure of life for a day atleast…though I am yet to try that!!

    A decent piece of art!!

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