Say Cheese

Who hate sugar-load? I guess no one on this Planet Earth can resist the sight of beautiful assorted sugar treats.

Lip-smacking treats often comes with extra bundle of awareness also.

Being a sugar-freak mortal, I know how hard it is sometimes to suppress the insatiable cravings for all these lip-smacking treats. I used to have extra doable appetite for gulping caffeine from best available sources- Tea, Coffee or Coke.

Since my job requirement was mandated, sometimes amidst such chaos and stress of life events, we all tends to just drift away from making right choices for our physical health…I also drift away…until my Mom caught hold of me once again, adrift, amidst chaos and warbling in woes of wrong choices.

 Oh! “Ruchi your smile is just adorable.” “Ruchi you looks so good when you smile.”

These compliments have often made me go gaga about my proud assets- Smile and obviously teeth. But sometimes, we all made “not-too-good” choices, knowingly or unknowingly and often neglects its repercussions.

 Decade back, one significant incident had changed my whole attitude as a mid-twenty vivacious person, a struggling student, vying for some space in her dream world, busy with books, competitive preparations and new job workload as an intern.

 This turning point scenario happened with me after years of gulping caffeine and munching those extra carbs and sugar delight amidst just work and more work.

It was finally the final warning day when I stared noticing the color of my teeth changing, as my smile, is something which I just can’t compromise, and it was loosing its much admired gloss. I love being all flashy about my good teeth and cheerful smile.

I hated to notice the slight color change for my teeth, with one habituated change also, that without those big coffee mugs I was not able to survive at work at all. Sigh!

Something over 4-5 cups a day was “menacing caffeine prowl” which I had myself invited in my life.

 What was needed? A speed breaker… some flashy warning…. it was ahead of me.

 I took an appointment with the Dentist and went to check on why it’s happening with me? What’s the reason for teeth discoloration? Especially it was awkward for my upper front teeth…that were like a kind of prominent “welcome sign” and I hated those weeks to smile fearing my colleagues and friends would definitely tease me for my lack of dental hygiene.These were also initial years of my internship with one big Media house after completing my Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communications. Luckily, my dentist gave me a routine clean up and told me hold on to my caffeine intake especially the coke.

 Once back at home, my mom voluntarily started to bring me green teas, black teas, herbal teas and what-not-to-be-missed samples to try and switch to. Of course after some stern looks and serious lectures that we all know how it goes for a 20’s teenager in front of their mothers.

Slowly after few weeks, painstakingly, I started to notice everyday in anticipation for its color change, like they make you see in the advertisements selling all flashy glossy teeth, perfect ones in just few minutes.

I was wishing for the same tooth fairy miracle.

 Regardless of that dentist visit, I was now in self-realization mode.

Obviously mom words of advice works wonder on me, as always.

 I switched to non-caffeine herbal tea and reduced my coke intake also. Sweet calories are bad for the health and all Carbs doing no good to health for the long run also.

 I listened to my mom’s advice to “Eat healthy, Stay healthy” as I did not wanted to go to visit doctor chambers now & than for feeling fatigued or lack of energy. My mom gave me choice- “binge on junk and coke and sugar load once in a while, not everyday. Your health is in your own hands. So is your self-restraint.”

 I paid attention to these words of wisdom, as I also knew in my heart, stress of life, job aspirations and dreams were taking toll on my health to binge on comfort food. It did me good as it paved a “way of life” for me to follow from last 16 years now even after becoming mom of 2 wonderful kids. I have made it a habit for them also to binge on treats and junk food once in while with restraint and making good healthy choices, like my mom has guided me that time. This expert advice paved way for me to follow my passion for Photography and Healthy Lifestyle that culminated into exhilarating Nature Walks, Adventure spree, Volunteering and creating awareness for environment and other social causes and of course inspiration for my writings and life musings.

 Life is all about choices; these choices often break us or make us a better person.

 If we attempt something bad, we have to learn from that experience or incident. Every opportunity and apathy brings us some good lesson to learn and follow for a lifetime.

So, don’t hesitate to change your life style for your better future.

Sharing one of my favorite sayings from those days-

“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost

When health is lost, something is lost

When character is lost, all is lost.”

~Quote by Billy Graham~

Say Cheese… 🙂 🙂

 This blog post is dedicated to my Mom unconditional Love and Support. This is one wonderful memory that flashed in my mind, when I read the hash tag #myfirstexpert

Follow this link-up to cherish many such wonderful memories and create new ones.


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