No Spamming, No Soliciting!

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Spammers are annoying bully

Reason for my out pour of words squabbles being few of these nasty spamming goons invading my inbox and IM now & than and I wish I can squish them off, swoosh them like Candy Crush game or that Monster busters game. Sounds cool! Eh!

Yesterday, I was randomly flipping through one of the social media sites, when I came across one post; it seems to aggravate my “not-so-cool” witticism.

I poured myself a cup of green tea, and decided to pour my wordless doodles, in words.

Most of the times like our Spam folder <email> our mindset reflects eerie shadows of these Junkies, bully & overtly smart bugs.

Mockery of sentiments/fears/prejudices

Let’s take a trip down to memory lane, 3 decades back, 80’s decade.

House-Bell rings,


“Chitti hain” (Post is there)

“Go, grab them all inside, safely.” Mummy would have instructed us.

After some time, when someone goes to pick those letters, it used to be a halla-bol, a gang war seems to have been fought, as tiny space inside those in-built cemented letterbox was now flooded with blue and yellow colors goons. These letters were spams letters, sympathy letters, and religious letters, hate letters, donation letter, charity letter, lottery letters or money making schemes letters. <Endless list>

But what makes them different was, their approach, in guise of hushed fears, known to these prowlers and goons, invading privacy of life and mindset also. <Food for thought>

These Letters were aimed randomly at each & every house way back than, these malevolent goons, spammed many innocent and bubbly letterboxes.

Those letters usually carried away spiteful words, disdain, cursed freedom of thought and were full of anguish or spiteful vengeance, abuses, hate speeches, on the simple ground, that if out of curiosity you read them, you was bound to follow the instructions written inside them, like some goons have kidnapped your ethical sanity and converted it into ethical dilemmas, moral confusion, fear, sacredness, that something bad will happen with you or your near and dear ones, if you choose not to oblige it. So, what used to happen next was- similar patterns, duplicates letters, written and posted to some random addresses, they seems to be mimic Raktabeej monster, with every one letter you get thousands of many such annoying letters. <Devilish smile, emoticon> *Raktabeej had a boon that whenever a drop of his blood fell on the ground, a duplicate Raktabeej would be born at that spot.

There used to be these blue color inland letters, yellow Postcards, swarming that tiny space of letterbox.

I vividly remembered, whenever these letters or some dubious looking person used to come with fliers, pamphlets etc.<soliciting> my mother, who is a teacher by profession, used to shoved them off in her strict tone, and if they still managed to leave those uninvited menace, slipped cleverly inside our huge metal iron gates or letter-box, we were instructed to trash them all. It was fun for us, like a game than, to have so many blue colored envelopes (Inland letters), yellow postcards, need to be trashed up, what a heck of job it was indeed? But now I sense the non-verbal dichotomy of agonized minds, of my family, neighbors, seems to be harried and hurried, over those overtures and confusions, regarding what would happen next as I have read one of the letter, thinking it must be important, I had a cursory glance and I read those lines- “Send this same letter in your own hand-writing to another 100 people else some bad luck would happened in your family.”

Something ominous sounds creepy, but it was hell of panic sight, morally and ethically for mindsets, where subjugated fear looms and dwells into unknown territories or uncertainties of sub-conscious mind.

Future is uncertain, we all know this, but if someone decipher it for us, like some kind of premonition or forewarning, we gets sleazily panicked, accepting these sneaky invaders. And, it’s hell bent task to overt these rambling mumblings goons entering deep into our sub-conscious mind and play hide & seek game, to be or to be not to as one perilous line.

Those were the days! Now with advent of technology, these goons have become more powerful, and more advanced.

You can find these goons loitering almost everywhere, from all social media sites, to cell phones messengers, to chat apparatus, to text messages.

So, naively in last few years, these goons have become hi-tech and more advanced, climbing and crossing the said boundaries, of Internet invading vulnerable global community, as they can be seen interfering and attacking anyone, despite of nationality, caste or creed.

Most annoying for me, really hyper-annoying in every sense, are the unscrupulous hoaxes, stale news, hate speech, hate posts targeting specific community, caste, section or practice, and spamming the wall, page or messages with these “uninvited guests of horror”, with a request, please forward it to all you know, or forward it to 10 people to get a lucky clover/ lucky spell/ lucky news/luck, else you get ill-luck! Whoa! <Super-idea to trash them, to report them as spam, online or offline>

I have met and seen these devout mortals, following every instruction mentioned in the post and sharing it over text messages, social media wall, IM or PM.

Adding fuel to this inglorious apathy, these spammers, forward it dedicatedly to everyone, they know, to evade that ounce of ill luck to cast their evil eyes on them. Shedding their ill-luck and putting onto someone else psyche, like, they will be left unscathed from the arrows of Yama raja, God of Death or Shani Deva, Lord of Saturday.

I may sound like I am an atheist, but no, I am not, I equally enjoy keeping my faith, doing rituals as per as my culture, but these things, I can’t just digest, I don’t have appetite for it, gawked! I don’t wish to be blinded by faith; I prefer to be called as a Humanist or even a social-crusader. These words define me correctly.

So what usually I do, if I came across such posts, messages, text messages, chat messages or any kind of PM left in my bubbly inbox, waiting for me to retract or react? I ignore them all, just trash them like my mother used to do/Hit that awesome “delete” key and all done.

I sincerely wish that no one should be a part of these spams, spammers or have a niche to become professional spammer or self-taught perpetrator.

Religious sentiments, obnoxious comments, hoaxes, hate speeches and prejudiced posts, flood virtual world. Those revolting pictures that arouse curiosity, vulgarity, are often gory in sight, and are menacing and hurtful also. It’s like being blindfolded by these whips, chains that rule your sub-conscious mind; you need not to comply with these spammer’s demands.

Share this post on your wall to get some good news, snap of Vedic Gods/Goddesses/ Idols/motifs/seals of any religion, proclaiming to spread the word of atrocities done by some dissident community?

It’s bullying and it’s seems to look like virtual thrashing? Isn’t it?

Black magic, voodoo and witchcraft, do you all believe in it? These spammers shrewdly understand that, our mindsets can be captivated, blindfolded, misguided by our prejudices, stereotypical thinking & rusty beliefs in decaying myths, rudimentary practices…. and everything that “feeds fears in mindsets” should be abhorred, condemned equivocally. <Don’t become another educated fool>

What is this spam?

Spam is electronic junk mail or junk newsgroup postings or any kind of unsolicited email. Not welcomed! Huh!

Soliciting is to ask for or try to obtain help, aid, and information from someone. Not welcomed! Sigh!

Still, this practice is rampant, globally and these masked goons footprints have been found almost everywhere, from email spams, online spams, IM spams, Mobile Phone spams, Social Networking sites spams, Spamdexing, and Blog spams. Though the classic Medallion for “Promoting Obnoxious Words” would remain with the Inlands Letters (Enveloped letters) and Postcards letters, started as early as 60’s decade or even before that. Make Money Fast letter threads; have immortalized them in the Spammers world.

Also, we have this craze going on virtual community, likes, share, and comment…. I wrote a blog post on this issue some time back, if you all wish to catch this menacing prowler, visit this link, for leaving your valuable comments, likes & share 😉

Yours truly,

Devout Anti-spammer

This blog post is dedicated to all virtual mortal spammers, enthusiasts and rumormongers. Check the facts first. Be A (ware), Don’t be superstitious.

SPAM is taking e-mail, which is a wonderful tool, and exploiting the idea that it’s very inexpensive to send mail. ~Bill Gates

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