Haiku#Carpe Diem #748 clouds


Cascading Haiku

Vagrant boats, scattered

Enticing horizon, blooms

floating hydrangeas  

floating hydrangeas

Oars, made from thistles, lilies

Vagrant boats, scattered

©Ruchi Chopra


cloud, fuzzy, chubby
a wailing child asking
for Cotton candy

©Ruchi Chopra

Today’s episode on Capre Diem Haiku Kai  is inspired from “clouds” found in Jane Reichhold’s “A Dictionary of Haiku” and Chèvrefeuille has also elucidated the word, with his lovely cascading Haiku.

after the rain
breathing deeply
white valley clouds

© Jane Reichhold

fantasy world unfolds
while the wind tears clouds apart
in sunny colors

in sunny colors
clouds moving, changing everlasting
fantasy world unfolds

© Chèvrefeuille

To get drenched in awe-inspiring Haiku by Kobayashi Issa, Basho & Jane Reichhold, check full episode here, Carpe Diem #748 clouds.

#Images/photographs are copyrighted#@Ruchi Chopra


10 thoughts on “Haiku#Carpe Diem #748 clouds

    1. Thank You for your kind words Chèvrefeuille, I owe this divine connection with haiku to CDHK. Reading & writing Haiku has made me connect deeper with myself and reflect upon many things, differently. It’s so peaceful.
      My humble gratitude. 🙂


  1. Beautifully written, the choice of words to the flow, it is powerful and very profound.
    Just love it. Especially this lines…
    cloud, fuzzy, chubby
    a wailing child asking
    for Cotton candy

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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