Haiku# Carpe Diem Time Glass #30 summer solstice

Carpe Diem Time Glass #30 summer solstice

We were supposed to write a haiku, tanka, kyoka or haibun (or haiga) inspired with this prompt and photo and to submit that within 24 hours. Here’s my response to this beautiful & awe-inspiring photograph.


an ode to midnight sun
a monk in tangerine cloak
mythical pauses

©Ruchi Chopra

A feast to rejoice
whispering mythic prayer
uphold  & nurture peace

©Ruchi Chopra

countless time glass
chimes in reverberation
welcomes sun kissed sky

©Ruchi Chopra

my banjaran* soul
trekked eternity, pause
timeless Nature’s mystique

banjaran* a lady nomad/vagrant traveler

©Ruchi Chopra

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14 thoughts on “Haiku# Carpe Diem Time Glass #30 summer solstice

  1. All have a wonderful charm and grace, but I somehow personally liked the last one the most 🙂
    Don’t know the reason…the word ‘banjaran’ perhaps..?

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  2. “mythical pauses, whispering mythic and trekked eternity”…these are some of the very powerful and profound thoughts beautifully encapsulated in words.
    Indeed it is an incredible picture and superbly reflected in your Haiku.


    1. Thank You so much for your wonderful appreciation Nihar, I am glad you enjoyed Haiku spirit to its fullest….as much I enjoyed writing each one of them, every time. Haiku is relaxing 🙂
      Keep reading*Keep inspiring
      Take care!

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      1. After all the purpose of writing and the vehicle of free expression is to enjoy and make life more lively. Haiku is quick and brings so much emotions in so much less words.
        Reading and writing is about getting inspired and making others inspire…
        love it. take care…

        Liked by 1 person

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