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Primitive man must have invented instruments & means to appease, “unknown” and to mimic Nature’s music, from Thunderstorms, Lightening, Rains and communicating with each other.

“Curiosity” and “Exposure” can leads to many interesting discoveries, and can surpass even geographical limits and break free from shackles of “unknown”.

Gramophone, Ah! it was a blessing in disguise for all music lovers that paved way to tantalizing world of audio, captivating soul of music in its every bit. 1877, Thomas Elva Edison invented a tin foil “phonograph” followed by Alexander Graham Bell’s “gramophone”.

In early 19th Century, this curiosity leads to creating a machine or a device that could record and playback music and sounds. And, since than, we have been witnessing so many astonishing devices, cheaper and accessible than their predecessors.

The packaging & branding of “sound”, practically, came a long way since than.

With the advent of Internet, in 90’s, the geographical limits were erased and the world was thrown open to the wildest, unharnessed possibilities of Internet.

Since than, we have seen technological development and advancements in every walk of life.

The early traditional radio, tuning to AM/FM days comes long way to next step, contemporary Internet Radio.

About Internet Radio

It got various nicknames, web radio, e-radio, online radio etc.

Basically, IR is an audio tune-up facilitated with the help of Internet.

IR listeners can tune-in to this continuous steaming media, for this reason it cant’ be replayed or paused. This similarity IR share with traditional broadcast media.

IR services are user-friendly and it can be accessed from any part of the world, only pre-requisite being good/suitable Internet connection.

Moreover, users can share/email music available online for free, instantly and the process is easy, unlike traditional radio.

What are my pick as an Internet Radio Listener?

News, talk shows, all genres of music, sports, much more.

One of my dear and wonderful friends, from Blogosphere, Mihran Kalaydijan, who is a constant source of admiration, being a gifted musician and a beautiful soul, has launched Radio Element, recently. I loved his vision about RE, and decided to hop on this crazy bandwagon, to embark on one remarkable journey.

Introducing Radio Element

Radio Element (RE) is a global non-profit media company focused on the intersection of journalism and engagement to affect positive change in people’s lives. We create a more informed, empathetic and connected world by sharing powerful stories, encouraging exploration, connecting people and cultures, and creating opportunities to help people take informed action on stories that inspire them. Its mission is to serve audiences as a distinctive content source for information, insights and cultural experiences essential to living in our diverse, interconnected world.

Radio Element is a multifunctional, multinational company strongly established in the industry of audio broadcasting and entertainment services. It is based in LA, California and operates under a structured organization consisting of various departments and a specialized and dedicated workforce.

What are my pick as a Radio Element Listener?

As a Radio Element listener, you can enthrall yourself into the variety of programs, inspired and created from varied parts of life, from educational, to sport news, from entertainment, to local & international events, interviews and live coverage on various issues.

Our Vision-

Every great step starts with a “vision”. We strive to provide our listeners, qualitative aspect blended with sensitivity to win hearts of netizens, our global community patrons, irrespective of geographical & cultural restraints.

I.C.E., as acronym stands for Information, Communication & Entertainment era, we also strive to give admirable treats to our patrons, English, European, Indian, Middle Eastern and Armenian music.

RE is a full-throttle user-friendly package aimed to provide-

  • Entertainment
  • Experience
  • Exposure &
  • Info-tainment (Information clubbed with Entertainment)

Our Ideas*Ideals

  • RE is “your voice”, we would be a mechanism to voice, share and spread the message of “unity in diversity”. Local communities and netizens throughout the world would now voice & share their opinions through RE.
  • We would be a stimulator to bridge differences, cultural, social & geographical.
  • We welcome on board the variety of audiences, talents and creative minds to tune in the RE experience.
  • Being Multilingual and versatile in its approach, RE could be a Bridge, a connecting link between many cultures & liberal mindsets.
  •  Presenting themes, discussions, and issues suitable to contemporary audiences.
  • “Expose” & “Elevate” the experience of Internet Radio through integrating cultural and sub-cultural concepts, to give user friendly experience.
  • Evoke sense of share*connection with tuning in multicultural fascination and experience it as a touch/enter key away.

We as a team-members of RE, would appreciate your support on our Social Media Pages. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the ‘like’ button on Facebook and the ‘follow’ button on our Twitter handle –



for any kind of query,

email us@mihran.kalaydjian@theradioelement.com

Thanks & Cheers 🙂 🙂


9 thoughts on “Tune into Radio Element

  1. This is so wonderful and I will surely follow as I was introduced by Mihrank who I so greatly admire …he is a deep inspiration for my own art and I am so grateful ….may many blessings be yours , love megxxx

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