Carpe Diem Time Glass #35 weeping willow

This week’s prompt is “Weeping Willow”


We all were supposed to write a Haiku or Tanka for our time challenging feature “Time Glass” in which the goal is to write haiku or tanka inspired on a given prompt and photo within 24 hours.


shed all prejudices

like a weeping willow tree

welcome soulful spring

©Ruchi Chopra

To read full episode please visit this link- Carpe Diem Time Glass #35 weeping willow



15 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Time Glass #35 weeping willow

    1. Hello Chevrefeuille! Thanks for your kind & encouraging words…I have been trying my best to be regular with Haiku…I feel so connected with CDHK…Thanks for giving all of us a beautiful hope & gift- deeper connection with ourselves…through Haiku practice…U take care…Have a great weekend 🙂 Namaste


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