World Photography Day# News

August 19th, 2015 Photography…passion, love, joy, stories, inspiration, smiles, cheers, creations, creative, eyes, lens, life, moments, spirit memories…these words define photography for me. ❤ "When magnetism of heart captivates a moment, it becomes a memory, to rejoice forever." ~Ruchi Chopra We all as an Amateur, Hobbyist, and Professional photographers aren’t less than any storytellers. Photographs … Continue reading World Photography Day# News


Carpe Diem #794 Hymn to the Aten (CD Distillation)

My haiku is distilled from the lines mentioned below, from The Great Hymn to Aten. from your divine grace O merciful Creator sprout fountain of life ©Ruchi Chopra The Great Hymn to Aten Your rays nurse all fields, When you shine they live, they grow for you; You made the seasons to foster all that … Continue reading Carpe Diem #794 Hymn to the Aten (CD Distillation)

Walk with me# day 89

Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven. ~Rabindranath Tagore It's been a while that I shared "Walk with Me" series with you all. Today, I am sharing few photographs of  Trees- different perceptions, different moods of Trees. I captured these "trees-moods" during my walk@ Stoney Brook stream, Glen Penitentiary Reservation, … Continue reading Walk with me# day 89

CDHK#Haiku sunrise

snow clad reverie sweet-smelling lavender dawn aokigahara* garland ©Ruchi Chopra *aokigahara- nicknamed as suicide forest/sea of trees, is a forest that lies at the base of Mount Fuji. century old Saint mysterious Hannya mask cherry blossoms shroud ©Ruchi Chopra  Please visit this link to read full episode- Carpe Diem #785 goraikou or sunrise seen from … Continue reading CDHK#Haiku sunrise