Tan Renga #Snow melting

My response to Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #106 “snow melting” (Kobayashi Issa)

snow melting–
where ducks are nesting
soft moonlight
                © Issa

old man                   painting Easter eggs

sunbeams                 play peek a boo

                                                         ©Ruchi Chopra



 Images copyrighted by Ruchi Chopra/2016



Carpe Diem #794 Hymn to the Aten (CD Distillation)

My haiku is distilled from the lines mentioned below, from The Great Hymn to Aten.

from your divine grace

O merciful Creator

sprout fountain of life

©Ruchi Chopra

The Great Hymn to Aten

Your rays nurse all fields,
When you shine they live, they grow for you;
You made the seasons to foster all that you made,
Winter to cool them, heat that they taste you.
You made the far sky to shine therein,
To behold all that you made;
You alone, shining in your form of living Aten,
Risen, radiant, distant, near.
You made millions of forms from yourself alone,
Towns, villages, fields, the river’s course;
All eyes observe you upon them,
For you are the Aten of daytime on high.

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CDHK#Haiku sunrise



snow clad reverie
sweet-smelling lavender dawn
aokigahara* garland

©Ruchi Chopra

*aokigahara- nicknamed as suicide forest/sea of trees, is a forest that lies at the base of Mount Fuji.

century old Saint
mysterious Hannya mask
cherry blossoms shroud

©Ruchi Chopra

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