Restrict my freedom
Adjunct to my survival?
Palette of gender stereotypes
Eschew my empowerment?

Ruefully doing duty
Abhorrent of my rights?
Palette of Hors d’oeuvre
Enlightenment on equality
Redundant vows
Age-old customs
Paradox of social stigma
Emanate hushed reality?
Revoked rights
Atoned moralities
Privileges defiled
Embalm my tainted honor
RAPE-Sexual Assault/abuse/coercion without another person consent, traumatizing person morally, emotionally & physically forever. I won’t use word Victim as it’s negative connotative for such a heinous crime & assault on humanity.Why to categorize sensitive issues like Rape on the basis of Gender stereotypes & to widen the gap of gender inequality even more? Why not just simply put crime & violence as one human violating “Right To Live” for another human being?
Juvenile Rapist are categorized as Minors
 Existing law “The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000” is missing biting teeth & sharpest claws. The Act has been criticized & put under public scanner after heinous violation of human rights with brave girl, Damini. The main detrimental factor to decide on the case should now be focused on the “magnitude” of the crime. So many PIL(Public Interest Litigation) have been mooted to support this much-needed change.
If person is “mute spectator” for crime committed, isn’t it amount to perpetrating crime in some ways? Like wise, Rehabilitation of such delinquents & inhuman creatures isn’t going to amend the damage done & increasing rate of crimes involving juvenile. Psychologists, experts & social workers support rehabilitation for these “Accused Minors” on basis of juvenile history, psychological remnants as factors needed for them to rehabilitate.
Raise kids not girls & boys, as family is the first social institution for any kid. So if this first step is taken well, rest is assured. I feel I am living in Neolithic era —- so why not raise better kids without following gender biases & stereotypes?It would take generations to have this mindset if we just do our duty rightfully.
Stop gender discrimination & shielding
I feel we need laws for sex offenders, abusers, and assaulter very sincerely. Like marking them as sex offender releasing it with their registration & community notification <data> everywhere to be assessed on the lines of ” USA Megan Law”. Penalty for juvenile crime is very less, it’s the biggest impediments.Protecting minors from such kind of heinous crime implicates that if you get the “Juvenile certification”, you are released in few years.Harshest laws like Capital punishment are need for an hour. This will arise a kind of fear implications for their actions.While writing this post, many times as a person, I have gone through overwhelming desire to lash out my latent anguish, to rant endlessly, thinking about the Damini fate, how she must have coped all that, it was brutal, it was inhuman & its pathetic reality.We have been listening about Rape of minor’s girls; abuse of kids, boys & girls alike as young as few days/months old. Where our sanity of civilization headed?I  watched one documentary some time ago, I was filled with deep seething burning anguish, as I was struck, not able to do anything to change this glaring reality in any ways around me.In the documentary its shown that in Zimbabwe, men suffering from HIV/AIDS rape young girls<read VIRGIN RAPES> to get purified/ cleansed as told by their healers. So many minors cases were reported, how they are surviving with this ordeal & worst infliction on their right to live? Cultural shock isn’t it? Everything revolve under a system, we have social structure, political structure, legal structure all pillars have to stand well & uphold the basic tenets as listed in our Indian constitution, Preamble.


So Redefine RAPE as~Respect All People Existence

Be HUMAN first
Not a HE-MAN?



S(HE) ?!


I feel every time, we talk about feminism, emancipation, equality, it’s just becomes more jargon added to our preexisting debate database.

I was in deliberative mood, so tried to catch up one Documentary over Netflix on the pursuing topic titled as –“ The World Before her”, which talks about the contrast between the Western style beauty pageants that are eroding Indian society & Hindu fundamentalism. Interesting enough to catch my fancy. It’s 89minutes long portrayal from two parallel worlds & their viewpoints & choice – to make difference to their life & freedom by joining beauty pageants or traditional training camp. How often Feminism & Role of woman looks like from lens of Religious Fundamentalist? So, lets see from both lenses,keeping away myopic & hypermetrophic thoughts away. 

Freedom ~Traditional versus Modern tags

Freedom—what does it means or signifies? Does it means curtailing your right to choose & right to live life on your own terms? The “Modern girl” wish to be successful to crave her identity by choosing beauty pageants, “Traditional girl” is taught not to think out of their dictated duties. Both ways are choices, one led by being instinctively aware to find it; another seems to be restrictive in its approach. Freedom or liberation means free from biases, bondage & equally respecting other viewpoints. I am a strong supporter for gender equality crusade. But I personally feel Feminism isn’t what is mostly shown or debated at most of the times at different platforms; I personally feel if you don’t have a right to own your freedom, you aren’t liberated, as a woman or man.

Physical & spiritual awakening

The beauty pageants mostly have been on target from time to time by these Hindu fundamentalists. One world shows glitter, glamour with showbiz business to crave identity. Another revolves around finding answers to already dictated duties & rights for woman. Which one is soul-stirring or even awakening in true sense? In my views, Morals are shaped by the teachings & denying anyone his/her basic rights makes perceptions & biases. The choice of profession doesn’t make anyone swaying away from his or her roots or traditional values? Entertainment is one such industry, people vie to be into limelight to get famous, it a part and parcel of it. One can’t negotiate morals on ground of what clothes choices they make or what kind of life they lead. It’s clearly stereotypical & hypocrisy, like if someone is choosing to be a social worker or teaching profession, its call for greater respect than others seems to hyperventilate the prejudices & social paradox.Religious intolerance is not new to human race, we got many historical evidences to prove religious segregation practically covering every part of world.

In words of Pooja Chopra, 2009 Femina Miss India “Its not about external beauty, it’s about platform to give woman identity & freedom. You change from person & you become personality”.

Self-defense versus vulnerability

At “Durga Vahini” camp,shown in the documentary, girls clad in salwaar kammez are being taught basics tenets of Hindu Dharma/Hindutva. They were taught shooting basics, martial arts & other “needed things” to bring on the crusade against other religious practices & reinstalling Hindu Dharma & Hindutva faith again. It was very startling but not surprising fact for me to hear them talking- to lay their life for this cause, to take life for this noble cause. It was reflecting religious intolerance deflecting from actual Hinduism philosophy which is based on tenets like—non-violence, truthfulness, compassion, self-control and generosity.

अयंनिजपरोवेति , गड़नालघुचेतसाम |

उदारचरितानामतु, वसुधैवकुटुम्बकम ||

{“This is mine, that is yours; This kind of calculation is done by narrow-minded people.

For broad-minded and liberalist this whole world is like a family”}

I feel its more kind of regressive way to make girls understand or explore their options in life & career. Duties for girls are listed, as camp teacher instructs them “Can u hide natural weakness & character as a woman”?

Only woman character was & is important? Damn right! How to ascertain that by rule of whip?

Documentary shows how Hindu extremists have literally pushed & beaten woman in bar & parks meeting boys, from times to times & have earned title of Indian Taliban.

Animistic tendencies get its support from what we feed young generations kind of moral feeding & making excuses in lieu of gender equality that we all care? A boy raped a girl, girl bear a burnt that she is being violated, but boy virginity is also being taken at that time, we forget & concentrate on the weaker part – woman.

Westernization versus Indianization

One of the beauty pageant contestant in the Documentary talks about Indianization of America, pointing facts that westerners have been more inclined towards yoga & other spiritual practices from India etc., its sure a valid point, we talk about Westernization of Indian culture a lot, what about polishing brighter sides of it than dull side?

My views are-adapting to new waves of thoughts in changed social context & welcoming fresh perspective on these obsolete customary notions & imbibing change is good for overall social health. Culture exchange is being done from years within universities, worldwide & even on international platform for acknowledging friendship when important treaties & declarations are signed.

Identity searching versus Identity lost

Marriage is her duty?

Woman is complete after giving birth?

Where is choice than for her, she sat comfy in her home with her parents in jeans & t-shirt?

Her father called her “product”.

Told the camera, he had beaten her many times, once he taught her lesson with burning her with hot iron rod on her leg as a punishing act for lying? Terrible reality, women are made submissive & more submissive on the rule of whip to control their identity, their choices & their rights. I have always wondered about one thing family is the first major social institution for any kid, so when we start raising kids not girls or boys, things will start changing, centuries old mind blocks & rigid stigmas will give way to fresh perspectives but it will take generations to negate the so much damage already being insinuated.

What’s the identity of woman in dictated roles or in freedom from all roles? The essence lies in the balance harmony, good workable morals with flexible approach. Support your kids, support their choices, and make them learn to respect humanity.

Who wants Girl child?

Pooja Chopra shares her mom gusty story amidst such conventional society where boys kid get weight over girl kid. Pooja reminisces being second girl kid born to her parents. Her mom was being told to get rid of her in any way, “kill her to get rid of her”; her father told her mother & walked away. Extreme Social Paradox & shame it is, female infanticide is blatant reality facing us. Her mother raised her with one promise, which she told her husband too “this girl is going to make me proud”.

It’s overwhelming for me as a mom of two daughters to imagine, to understand, to contemplate this frightening reality. My kids are my pride. I never would just make them repudiate their life choices underneath masked up by social stigma, cultural taboo & just because they are girls? Many times, I get to hear from people “when you are going to have another kid,boy, it’s still time, give it a try”? I always replied to them “I already have boys, as my future son-in-laws & our girls are our pride.” Still this stigma continues.


Defensive training

Will you kill for Hindutva? & She says yes, without realizing the deeper meaning, it seems. One of the poignant moments when teacher instructs them- “All Hindu gods have weapons, we need weapons to destroy evil”? Evil being NON-HINDUS.

Mind terror, moral terror breeding ground

Mentality raid and riot? It seems to be “New wave” & offshoot of pre-existing religious prejudices. Branding & conditioning of minds continues to play havoc in young mindsets.

My mind got swayed up thinking,on a lighter note but ironically-We have men pageants too internationally no one talk amusingly for them? I haven’t come across any such protests for banning Male show-off of Abs & Body? We all love to flaunt, its human nature, some do it some don’t accept it & others are just exceptions.Ever wondered why their no such school for boys, to teach them much-needed morals & respect for Humanism?

I am more inclined towards principle of humanism, its beautiful concept, workable too.These Self-proclaimed moral police haven’t realized “Unity in diversity” is the main crux for our culture, it seems to be blurred with “Unite for noble cause of protecting Dharma”?So many terrible accounts of infamous inhuman rights violations in form of riots & protests our country has already seen in the past.

Beauty versus vulgarity

Is it in clothes or its in deeds?

It often yelped that provocative dressing attracts male attention & nude show down for woman rights won’t get feminists stand justified nor it can save woman getting raped or ogled at? I wondered if we as a regressive society & patriarchal social setup, even have had thought that “Nudity is natural” & Instincts we are talking about here can’t help us even if we clad our females from head to toe & become burqa clad society. Think beyond treating human as an object of pleasure or eye-candy? Now, woman also ogled at men & make advances, did it make them feel like venerable or feel like a hero?


Sharing Excerpt –In his classic book The Individual and His Religion (1950), Gordon Allport (1897–1967) illustrates how people may use religion in different ways. He makes a distinction between Mature religion and Immature religion. Mature religious sentiment is how Allport characterized the person whose approach to religion is dynamic, open-minded, and able to maintain links between inconsistencies. In contrast, immature religion is self-serving and generally represents the negative stereotypes that people have about religion. (Source courtesy-Wikipedia)

I hope with this insight, I can make a bit of difference to someone thought-process towards gender bender debates with varied factors from religion to morality to humanism to acceptance.The title of my post is S(HE)….I want to put it as “Secularism & Humanity Ensues”. I would love to hear your thoughts & insights on the issue, leave your feedback in the comment box.

After reading one thought-provoking discussion from one of my fellow blogger friend-Sharath Komarraju on issue of feminism, made me pen down my thoughts.Here’s link to his blog-post-




“Adunika wasn’t convinced after repeated approval from her friends, this dress would be perfect for the party, Adu, Lets wind up & leave.” She was skeptical of looking Fat or say, few pounds heavier in the dress in Q.” #Young girl obsession#


“ How I am looking in this dress? Do I look fat? Do I look attractive? Would it be good for me to wear at weekend party, after my post-delivery status”?#New mommy rants#

beauty cart

How I look, buddy! Will she be impressed to see me with changed hair-do & with all these lack of my muscle tones”? #Young man dilemmas @his first date#


Fat is in demand

Fat is a potential market.

Indecisiveness, we all might have stumble on sometime somewhere in making life biggest decisions. But here perplexes seems to be hyped & seems to have implicated sadness & curiosity on “Looking Good & Socially Accepted”,thanks to all branding, conditioning of minds over looks & just looks. #If looks could kill#  

Target audience is mostly female as they are hypersensitive to their figure & looks. It’s statistically proven, bigwigs will give you many links to confer & refer to support this?In my opinion beside the statistics, social stereotyping also plays a significant role in this fetish & socially dictated & approved labels for gender roles.From time immemorial woman were considered as object of pleasure mostly & were just relegated to the positions like better half or just playing the roles which were told & dictated on the fixed verbatim from one generations to another, in patriarchal social setup. Fetish for having a beautiful bride is more than search for an educated wife. #Fat as social paradox# Sharing with you all one wonderful video on “Beauty Myth” from Oprah.

 Fat is in demand

Fat is a potential market.

I stumble upon this sponsored advertisement on cyber-community, quite few times, every time with unique story to share, for each advertised case. All they have shown is transformation of a woman body in great ways, hopefully, natural way, but I was skeptical with lines-

“Jaw dropped”,when Hubby saw his wife…what kind of message it’s conveying? Unfortunately, there isn’t any dearth of such obnoxious and obsessive predispositions, with dangerous implications on the young minds, in every sense. It’s like conveying message- Body is helm of your life, values & deeds don’t pay much.We can’t forget that infamous mass frenzy with Barbie doll figure when anorexia becomes Social Accepted Fact & being on heavier side or being Fatty becomes social ineptness. #Fat as an emotional response#. This video from Mask Movie, seems to fit the context well.

 Fat is in demand

Fat is a potential market.

Why heaven on earth? Why being fat can’t be evocative? Why being “Fat” is fati-cized {criticized}, Fat-loped & fat-bombed. This was first skeptical thought, with realization that how much I ponder, how much I dive into this Pandora box of fatty mess & fetishes, its not going to lessen the reality. #Fat as physical feel good factor#

It’s unhealthy. Promote it in its all-medical ways & provide much needed awareness for Fat/obesity .But advertisers wooed & projects fairy tale dreams for these general powerless beings to look good to get noticed or to get appreciated.I tried to pinch & smacked & gawked on such advertisements, which implicates.

“ Lean is healthy, Fat is unhealthy”<most of the images I stumble upon,at various links,were talking about dress sizes, killer looks, wear any dress if you are skinny etc etc, I was looking for some inspiration to use it here, but instead got awry of such huge pile of quotes, posters & links defining”Whats being Beautiful means”?

“Staying fit means you got to have perfect biceps,in men scenario & thinner waistline for women”,one can’t achieve this without proper diet control, detox of body and mind & physical exercises in any form minus popping diet pills, fad diets or just assuming magic will happen on its own. We need to instill good amount of awareness in young kids & adults alike, for junk food & diet in the long run, for staying in good shape & staying fit holistically.

What they sell is what they have branded, conditioning of human mind for body image, from time immemorial.

I wondered would Menaka, Cleopatra, Mata Hari & Marilyn be portrayed within tags of slim, svelte & sexy, considering them 30 pounds heavier!

Recently I also stumble around one bizarre news, “Identity theft” movie actress Melissa Macarthy,was denied Dress up for Oscar, owing to her plus Size, by top-notch fashion designers. When American film Critic, Rex Reed, remarked very ingenuity about actress Melissa McCarthy, calling her obese, tractor-sized, hippo, she ignored it,showing maturity.< not all are blessed with such fat-cosmic Oodles>

McCarthy is more worried about the effect an article like that could have on younger girls. She said we have “a strange epidemic of body image and body dysmorphia” these days and articles like Reed’s “just add to all those younger girls, that are not in a place in their life where they can say, ‘That doesn’t reflect on me.'” Source courtesy-

Than we keep on criticizing celebs like Former Miss Wolrd,1994, Ashwairya Rai Bachachan went under the thick scanner from media, for her post-delivery weight. It had happened with Kim kardashain & many others celebrities. #Fat as mental lookout taboo, Fat as a beauty paradox#.

Fat is in demand

Fat is a potential market.

Being Fat as economic fallout with respect to jobs, skills, and career growth is also one of the concern we face today.If I start discussing about how films, media, advertisement industry brand this stigma in such a gullible ways, it would actual be than finest compilations named as “Burn Book on Fatal Fat Fetishes”.

Still I will share few famous brands, which in my viewpoint are stalwarts of fat-cosmic oodles. One brand of breakfast cereals shows very explicitly that woman can gain voluptuous figure by following eating regimen, as advertised. I am not against it; I am against the choice of impact, choice of words, choice of image being propagated with all such things. Its high time at school, we all should start a topic concerning “ how to accept & respect your body & build positive body image” with the sex education as mandatory subject. As time has changed, time is changing, young generations are vulnerable to such alluring ways.Its very translucent fact that we all in one way or other get swayed by this perception of ” Fat Fetish & Fallacies” .

I will end this contemplative discussion with one of my favorite quote from author  Naomi Wolf from her book ” The Beauty Myth”.

“She wins who calls herself beautiful and challenges the world to change to truly see her.”





Date is a Killer

A usual day for all mortals, but unusual for someone, when their life would change for worst or for best & leave imprints on their hearts & souls, for many dates to come. A date which have unforeseen elements ,sewed neatly, in a thread like some tabooed amulets, to triggers tensions & shocking incidents, which rocks lives of many & leave, others stunned.

A date can kills someone…. Can a date be a killer? How will you react if I have told you this? You would have thought I am being silly or talking rubbish or must be joking with you? Still there are some dates which are killer, in real.Astonishing as it may sounds, but it has its own seeds of actions & sometimes much more than concealed secrets.

Have u ever seen anyone, desperate in anxiety & knowing, that on approaching calendar date, her life would pause till change of next date!! These knowing, makes feelings of expression & sleep disorder more pronounced, as mind starts accepting that this is going to happen, subconscious. What you will name an experience something very unnatural & out of this world– Paranormal, Miracle, illusion, connection or unbelievable? Psychokinesis, supernatural healing & Telekinesis…are good examples of existing parapsychology, to validate to some extent these things have existed, in some form or in some way, waiting to get fully harnessed & understood.

It all may seem hallucinations & far stretched imagination or a fiction created for amusement or thrill in some novel or movie. Yet these happenings & incidents harbored seeds of much awaited rippled effect, which can be felt in series of continuous disequilibrium of events, in many forms across the world.

New York, Commoners community Hall, Present day

“Sometimes to heal ourselves, we may need to undergo painful experiences. Yes that is the crux. Who defines what is justified or right or good or evil or bad or immoral or moral? How can you separate willingness & resentment to participate in heinous immoral inhuman act, directly or indirectly? It’s going to affect you, me or someone or anyone if connection is made & connection is needed for the rectification or justification of that —“misdeed or miss-happening in any form in someone’s life.”These words of Akansha echoed in the silence of thousands minds, present in the community hall, who have gathered there to know secret of that “creepy banyan tree”in words of Akansha itself, to see from her eyes, the vivid narration. Akansha has put the exhibits snaps of her journey to her ancestral village, Khimsar, Rajasthan, India. She never thought in her dreams, though, that a personal visit would reveal so many dark secrets that will shook her spirits & change her outlook for many dates to come. Akansha, a photographer by profession, has been on assignment to Mumbai City, India.  So, she took some time off to visit her ancestral village to see how the lives has been affected & changed in last 35 years, when she was born here on March 11th, 1977. Akansha father has been forbidding her to visit that place, whenever she was curious of her roots & linage, still she was adamant this time.

London, Broadway Road, March 11th, 2012—- Connection

The clock struck 11.55 pm, 11/7/12, Sunday. Sumaira panicked & waited helplessly, gazing at the ticking time. It was a ritual for her from last 25 years.
It’s her 25th   birth day in few minutes & she was again gripped in ritual nightmares which have been following her silently on her birth-date night —- the nightmares comes & go making her fearful to sleep.
When she was a small kid, her parents took her to get medically counseled. Nothing was diagnosed except, a part which medical science also sometimes failed to acknowledge & provides answers.

“It’s all in mind yet our soul journey is never completed till we get all answers that we left out in our previous births. We are bound to get answers from the “One power” which is above all through prayers, forgiveness & beliefs. Time has answers to all our questions. Time is faith & time is a healer.” The church priest told them, which was habitual ritual for the Sumaira family on her birth-date every year.

Madhya Pradesh,a remote village in India, March 11th, 2012—Connection

In City’s Mental Asylum, a small 15 years old girl, Gauri, is admitted to see doctor for repeatedly physical assaults on her, a condition, at first have put her illiterate parents, in the doubts but later after series of diagnosis have proven otherwise, symptoms shows that the girl has been paranoid on March 11th till date changes, for good. The villagers have tried to torch their parents’ house citing, they practice black magic on villagers & witch is born at their house & have boycotted the family.The abandon family has no choice left than to move to city, with a hope, to see some, big shahri doctor babu (City Doctor) & save their daughter life. She was born on date, March 11th.

Now what’s the correlation they all were sharing except for same birth-dates–? Date was gripping all of them in fears & much was left to speculate for doctors & well-wishers. Yet, to seek answers in life we may need to travel or to reach the destined place which ensue our revelation. Miracle follows where faith & prayers are communicated.

Just one month before something follows —–unravel the Date

Rajasthan, Khimsar, ancestral village house, February 11th, 2012

“ It’s So dark here— Arnaav— let’s not drive further & wait in a motel or just here in car— it’s so creepy — all these eerie voices are making me scared— “ Akansha voice pleads with Arnaav, her photographer accomplice & a good friend.
Arnaav was not flinched & told Akansha not to worry about it as it few miles more & they will reach the ancestral haveli of her great grandparents, before dawn.
An avid travelers & photographers by profession, Arnaav & Akansha, wishes to globe trot the world & photography was their love connection. Akansha told Arnaav, about her wish to visit the village, where her parents were born & raised & lived their lives till they left the country,  35 years back, exact after she was born— for reasons which they never told her. After Akansha mother’s dies, she found her diary which exhibits same disturbing revelation of that place. So out of curiosity & searching for some of the answers, for her mother’s peace, she wants to visit it at any cost.She told her father about her wish, he was doomed & defensive for her security; he tried to stop her from visiting, India, altogether. Still she knew his father loved her so much & was worried for her safety, as he is now left alone, after her mother’s demise. She lovingly told her father–that they will be back from India before March 11th, to celebrate her 35th Birthday with him here itself!!

Ancestral village—-First Visit

When they reached the village, it was so creepy & so dark; they both have expected a less dramatic visual. There was no electricity in the village. The villagers were asleep in their dreams of today & tomorrow, happy dates to come, there was perfect creepy silence, which was anchored for— not to be questioned for.It was dawn now…..They somehow manage to reach the ancestral haveli of her which was wearing gloomy & deserted look from the outside, yet it seems to be so inviting full of quests & full of answers which were left unanswered & unsolved mysteries, dated 35 years back. A paused seems to have gripped in their lives a pause of 35 years which Akansha wanted to rewind & play & make tomorrow a better for everyone including her. She was greeted by an old man who introduced himself as a sole inhabitant & house-keeper of this forbidden house donning a haunted smile.After refreshments & getting fresh, she searched for Arnaav & that old man. Arnaav seems to be exploring magnificent artifacts & architectural marvel of the haveli by clicking photographs already; it seems he has been already gripped by Haveli forbidden beauty.After lunch, old man started telling them the much awaited story-about a creepy banyan tree at the heart of the village.The old forlorn man in her late eighties told Akansha that creepy banyan tree used to be a pond a very beautiful pond with lovely blossoming trees & gardens — nearby & village was prosperous from the best of harvesting of all sorts of crops till the date everything changed— March 11th, 1977.
Akansha eyes got twitched & heart beat seems to have skipped a beat or two for few seconds, she quietly rove her bewildered eyes around the room sensing mounting nervousness in her body, she wanted to jump out of misery & shock but she sat there on the rusty velvet couch, stunned .
He continued disturbed & scared –his voice was brisk–
“Whenever any girl child used to born at our village , we used to kill her drowning her here in the water pit pond , which now infamously hold the dark waters grudges for the passersby  it seems —The village has never accepted a girl child born except brides, from far flung villages. Many mothers tried to confront this pratha (custom), many tried to save their girls by hiding or fleeing but somehow not all of them were lucky.” The pond once filled with the beautiful water plants & serenity was becoming a death pit for innocent newborn girls, deathbeds for innocent just born lives & which seems to have strained with their blood & cries, all over. The ponds, afterwards, started drying up, drought came to our village, animals started off dying & many villagers perished in epidemic which gripped the village for long. It seems our sins have been paid off after generations of killing & just killing girl’s child. “He murmured something in Sanskrit first—A chant probably then echoed few lines—-“Maa Shakti has denounced us. Maa Shakti has cursed us. Maa Shakti has punished us. “He paused to control tears & emotions which were making his face flushed with grief & horror what the village saw as a testimony to their sins.

The creepy Banyan Tree was placing wrath of its suppressed anguish from past many generations, for the yearning & for the blood thirst, as it was Banyan Tree turn, now. On every March 11th, there has been a series of gruesome murders of passersby’s, travelers, tourists, animals, which seems to be directed to make a connection, with all those who somehow escaped this custom or have been connected with it from their past lives. Those who believe in Afterlife, Past Regression & Psychokinesis, would see it as an extension to, reasoning & beliefs.It seems someone is invoking the senses, someone is calling in silence of years to be heard, to be made free…..It was Akansha destiny who travels there to make it all happens, this time, for good at least.

He continued, after few pauses & sighs, now facing Akansha…. 5 girls were born 35 years back on March 11th, 1977, twins girls were born to haveli only heir Rajeshwar & his pretty wife Supriya. Supriya was pregnant with their first child, & there was a happiness surrounding all the months, to welcome Haveli heir soon. The much awaited day came & Supriya gave birth to twin girls—now the Haveli was gripped in sudden fears & it was inevitable, that they can’t escape from the customs which Haveli has been practicing. Rajeshwar & Supriya pleads hardly going to affects merciless hearts. So, it was decided among themselves that they going to announce that Supriya gave birth to only girl, a way-out suggested by their trusted aide. Later, after mad frenzy was over & villager’s vampire steak was insatiable, they all managed to escape from that ill-fated Haveli. But only after, life of one innocent breathing girl child was sacrificed & the custom was invincible at least, not even the educated or Riches have been able to save their child life. That trusted aide was this lone man, a sole inhabitant & loyal servant of Old Haveli.

Akansha was now weeping, profusely, as it was her twin sister who sacrificed her life, so that Akansha can breathe many dates to comes, to see future what it beholds after that un-fateful date.It was a choice of destiny, fate, kismet, power or connection or whatever name you may give.  Still, the Date was a killer. This mystery precedes the uneventful deaths from many generations, from many past dates.

Arnaav was startled & speechless to see the face of human being(s) so cruel, what’s on the name of gender did these biases exist in our minds? Who told us to behold customs which have little meaning to civilized etiquette? Who has decided that its girls who have been burden on the family? Then why we worship Shakti? Why?Why this menace of Female Infanticide is still looming ,creeping & horrifying our future beautiful dates ?Still he knew deep inside his subconscious, that the practice still continues, even within the educated masses too. He was filled with sudden guilt & remorse that he is a part of such society itself?Later Akansha & Arnaav went to pay, Tribute/homage/offerings, to barren creepy banyan tree. She wept there uncontrolled, thinking about her sister & all other innocent girls, asked for forgiveness, for all & peace to all of them. She felt very calmed, later, as now she got the answers to all her questions. She felt the ease with her fear to dream, she felt at ease with the pain of all nightmares on the Date which was a killer, then, now & tomorrow.

It does changed life of many & still no one can ever medically & reasonably ascertain these facts ,  all of the girls—Sumaira, Gauri, Akansha & maybe many unknown others, were normal after that fateful date.It seems a pause has been there from centuries old customs & with Akansha escape from that night she created a discord & fate has sometimes no answers to some questions—that’s why we all call it miracle or paranormal or simply a blessing in disguise of hope & prayers.

Manchester, Present day Date, Startling news

—-A lady abused her 4 kids & tried to kill them all. —–

—A bus carrying winners of All-State tennis champions, met with an accident, fatal enough that no survivors were recalled.

Benxi Hu Colliery, China, Startling news

—A tragedy occurs, so badly, 1,549 miners were dead, owing to colliery accidents—

Illinois, Present day Date, Startling news
—A man killed his wife & twins daughters & other 2 kids, owing to family discord.

India, Present day Date, Startling news

—–A city doctor kills unborn girl live fetus & feed to his dogs. —-

—-Family abandons one day born girl on road. —-

—–Fetus of unborn girls have been found dumped in Polythene—-

—-Family torched down their daughter-in-law & new born baby, the baby was a girl—-

Such incidents & happenings keeps on haunting us —still we have hope — in the form of miracle & prayers only as sometimes education & knowledge seems to get overshadowed by these unbelievable incidents —-
The date is still killing people, chains of events triggered anxiety & phobias for many lives for the future dates.
Date is a killer, like many of us?

P.S.- I shared this story 2 years back on Thought to share it on my blog as a poignant reminder & my crusade against the female-infanticide & gender stereotypes. All the news I shared with you above are unfortunate reality & I still read these types of occurrence of series of unfortunate & inhuman acts. Here’s link to my original post,

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