Restrict my freedom Adjunct to my survival? Palette of gender stereotypes Eschew my empowerment? Ruefully doing duty Abhorrent of my rights? Palette of Hors d'oeuvre Enlightenment on equality   Redundant vows Age-old customs Paradox of social stigma Emanate hushed reality?   Revoked rights Atoned moralities Privileges defiled Embalm my tainted honor   RAPE-Sexual Assault/abuse/coercion without … Continue reading HUSHED SILENCE


S(HE) ?!

I feel every time, we talk about feminism, emancipation, equality, it's just becomes more jargon added to our preexisting debate database. I was in deliberative mood, so tried to catch up one Documentary over Netflix on the pursuing topic titled as –“ The World Before her”, which talks about the contrast between the Western style … Continue reading S(HE) ?!