No Spamming, No Soliciting!

Spammers are annoying bully Reason for my out pour of words squabbles being few of these nasty spamming goons invading my inbox and IM now & than and I wish I can squish them off, swoosh them like Candy Crush game or that Monster busters game. Sounds cool! Eh! Yesterday, I was randomly flipping through … Continue reading No Spamming, No Soliciting!


Open letter to my preteen daughter

Dear Sugarplum, I know you have been wondering why Mom has to write you an open letter to convey what she has in her mind? It’s not that difficult to explain; by the time this letter is finished you would be able to appreciate mystique of the word “Choice.” Yes, today I am sharing my … Continue reading Open letter to my preteen daughter

Bully or Ally, it’s a choice #1000Speak

I was craving for some kind of inspiration to overcome my creative hiatus- “what to pen down for this month topic, Bullying, <sigh>.” During that vagrant pursuit, I randomly picked up my iPhone and started to see the available game apparatus on the Bullying. Oh! To my utter astonishment the list was long for this … Continue reading Bully or Ally, it’s a choice #1000Speak

Compassion# My Spiritual Wallet

Compassion# My Spiritual Wallet 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion I stared at my laptop screen for long time, that blinking cursor, wearing puzzled smirk, wryly contemplating, “Hope it’s not your another long moment of soul-searching, Huh!” I reflect on my views, translating them from the pandemonium of thoughts I was deliberating from the day I … Continue reading Compassion# My Spiritual Wallet