Chaotic Happiness


12 months! A year…an anniversary! Wow, who would have thought that #1000 Voices would connect in a virtual realm to create a fathomable environment, for everyone, alike, to nurture, to soak, to relive, to believe in the power of Compassion and Connection.

Listen, to be aware, to be mindful and to understand 

Today, our world needs healing regarding prayers, hopes, faith, compassion, and love, to sustain ‘life-breaths of Humanity.’ That seems to be lost in myriads of chaos, everyday challenges, from our moral struggles to physical subsistence to maintaining ecological balance to everything in its finite form that matters to us, that holds some place in our chaotic lifestyle.

In the present-day world, where we all have been busily sifting through piles of photographs, but no memories, collections of redundant connection and defunct value system but no empathy. Compassion becomes vital for me and for every one of us.

A haphazard sense of digital waves affecting our lives in drastic ways, that it has become an absolute necessity. To wake from the deep slumbers of our constricted mindfulness, regular sleep, and to move on to our daily chores, that is nonetheless, incomplete without social networking websites and numerous other sites as per as our taste, hobby or liking. Surrounded by these constant chiming of messages, links, information, calls, we keep on moving and moving, unmindful of these digital prying waves that have captivated our lives, our gaze, and our consciousness.

I feel, sincerely aggravated by the fact, that all we get to realize, experience is-noise, restless noises that keep on overpowering our positivity and sanity.

Often, we read, watch videos, links and talk about Compassion stories, inspiring words, vibes, positivity, a circle of good energy, a balance of life energy and everything that captivates our gaze for a minuscule moment, seems worthwhile.

We seem to have developed a habit-to listen less.

We are always busy, for others and busy for ourselves also…. Our mind, body, soul need break-time from the toxic environment….

We forgo to listen many things happening everyone around us, be it a little bird making its way in a harsh winter to find grain/food from snow-capped trees or from a bird-feeder, a flowing water-fall in our backyard, a humming river, a robust tree, that dried sprig, smell of chamomile and lavender tea, Flowers fragrance enticing our numb senses, we fall short of words-to exclaim, to soak in the powerful message- everything is around you, all you have to do is- to listen, so listen.


Most of the times, we see, our childhood differs with adulthood, because of innocence, (uncorrupted one) and power to understand and learn, but as we grow older, we stopped learning it seems, maybe we become slow, lost in conundrums of every day’s chaos.

So, the real deal is in finding the ‘connection’ foremost with ourselves. Reconnecting with our lost selves, dreams, hopes and visions, and ambitions, that makes us happy, to create a realm, based on positive energy flowing from our body, mind, and soul that helps to create a healed world, a better tomorrow.

We have to find a way with a practice to learn how to be in a state, that I would call as a state of – chaotic happiness.  

And of course, we still have a long way to go, we still have to tread all unmarked paths. We have to leave a legacy behind for our future generations that speak about the potentials, about words, that seldom have been overlooked by us, many times, compassion, faith, their power and their energy that can transform us, everyone around us.

We have to compensate for lost times for our hard choices regarding global warming, crimes of all sorts, moral decay, inability to express ourselves or to take decisions that reflects genuinely who we are, who we wish to be.


I speak the language of ‘Compassion.’

We all have been reading, sharing, liking and commenting on each other’s blog posts that must have evoked a sense of connection or maybe a friendship.

Something powerful, innate yet fragile breaths ‘missing’ in our day to day life that we all have been constructively trying to find amidst hullabaloo. These awe-inspiring words, quotes, essays, photographs and life-changing stories contribute to finding a workable solution and efficient way to out weed labyrinths of life, subsistence, and value-system.

These ‘glowing interpretations’ may become a future idea, a vision, or a plea to form a livable world. Give these ‘glowing interpretations’ whatever name(s) you wish, you may wish to address them with love to ‘anonymous’ or to anyone who needs it most, it would never ever go waste, or unaccounted for.


But there may be many perplexing questions, that we often ask ourselves or sometimes to others –

How to justify compassion?

How much compassion is good?

Is compassion measurable?

Aren’t people who are kindhearted are taken as to be submissive?

If I get swayed away with kind words and deeds, Am I meek and fragile? Do I need some help?

Let go of these stereotypes, don’t fixates yourselves to fit in the mold, as there would be no correct proportion to be a balanced human-being, we don’t have to be mindful of showing the sensitive side of our personalities, or to accept it.

I believe in the power of collective consciousness

What these numerous heart-warming tales, stories, affirmations, self-challenging tales, word of mouth, inspirational photo essays, quotes, and poetry intend to do with our hearts/minds/souls?

How we all think? How we all are interconnected with a power of human connection? How I feel? How I am inter-connected with enigmatic human contact?

Isn’t being kind and being compassionate is considered to be overtly meek and invaluable in contemporary times, which thrives on ambitions personal gains and personal goals fueled by personal baggage that comes in every shape, size and magnitude?

Everything is labeled and packaged as ‘Personal’…an individualistic resolve to live life. From developing a somber and kind persona, we have switched to the option where we all work, live, think, desire, feel, captivate and long for something that brings loads of goodies but- ‘Personal’ ones.

Majority of us try to make a difference, through volunteering, reaching out, donations, supporting causes, and everything that in our capacity brings back to us the notion of- being ‘Social responsible’ in some ways and can be earmarked as ‘being humane.’ But, we forget, many times, I would stress on this, that in continuing such life goals, personal ones, we have been circling around the closed circle, tightly wound up, shut down to the outer world. That’s why we all have fears, fears of rejection, fear of acceptance, fear of not being loved, fear of society. And we try to follow norms and values that aren’t threat to our closed periphery, anything outside of it would make us feel threatened, vulnerable and exposed to the world, that we never knew or hardly know. We fear reaching out, we fear to listen, we fear to be mocked, we fear to be subjugated.

We fear this innate expression ‘fear’.

Replace it with the word- Share. You will feel the magic. I have felt the magic of share, care, compassion, in a different walk of my lives. I would like to share one belief in my life with you all,

I believe in the power of smile in forming connection, reaching out and smile has an ability (undefinable in words) to heal, to seal, to provide courage and hope for everyone, alike. It’s magical. Try it sometime.

Compassion- learn it, teach it, share it! ❤ ❤


In last 12 months, 1000 beautiful souls have raised their “collective voice” on the issue of Compassion, Bullying, Nurturing, Connection and Power of collective consciousness.

Participating in this collective efforts called as #1000speak is exciting. This month we are collectively raising our voice on the issue of Compassion.

If you all wish to read, join, share and write for the issue, join the Facebook Page 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion

Follow @1000Speak on Twitter

Use the #1000Speak hashtag across social media.


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Thank You!

Keep reading!

Keep Inspiring! ❤ ❤

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    1. Thanks Alok for your kind words…Yes, this virtual connect @ FB & #1000Speaks is a wonderful initiative…a life-changing one…I learned a lot from these posts, still can’t get enough of them! Keep reading…thanks for the visit. 🙂

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