Chaotic Happiness

12 months! A year…an anniversary! Wow, who would have thought that #1000 Voices would connect in a virtual realm to create a fathomable environment, for everyone, alike, to nurture, to soak, to relive, to believe in the power of Compassion and Connection. Listen, to be aware, to be mindful and to understand  Today, our world … Continue reading Chaotic Happiness

Nature lost #1000Speak

Nature lost  Claustrophobic life snuggled in one precious cast Mechanical life resembling deceptions of brazen past Green gold bashed up identity crisis ceased Vanished into mugged up chaotic grease   Resonating luxuriating conch shell eerie Holding one embellished pearl dreary Ocean waves, trees, open sky & flying birds Bargained for incessant clanking of consoles   … Continue reading Nature lost #1000Speak

Bully or Ally, it’s a choice #1000Speak

I was craving for some kind of inspiration to overcome my creative hiatus- “what to pen down for this month topic, Bullying, <sigh>.” During that vagrant pursuit, I randomly picked up my iPhone and started to see the available game apparatus on the Bullying. Oh! To my utter astonishment the list was long for this … Continue reading Bully or Ally, it’s a choice #1000Speak

Compassion# My Spiritual Wallet

Compassion# My Spiritual Wallet 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion I stared at my laptop screen for long time, that blinking cursor, wearing puzzled smirk, wryly contemplating, “Hope it’s not your another long moment of soul-searching, Huh!” I reflect on my views, translating them from the pandemonium of thoughts I was deliberating from the day I … Continue reading Compassion# My Spiritual Wallet