Why Angels wears white?
Why Demons wears black?

A little girl wonder,

Noble thoughts to ponder,

She ran to her mother’s arms,
with a smile that charms.

She cuddled her mother,
a little girl asked her mother?

A question that looms her innocent mind,
a story that needs to be unwinds.

A mother holds master key to all struck locks,
She knows this is how it is thought;

Mother looks admiringly at her pretty face
& smile,

Oh my beautiful pretty angel,
How sweet thoughts come to your mind,

It’s good that you should first know the Power Divine,

Love is angel,
They are pure,

There is nothing for them to get lured,
Their conscience are clear like crystals,
They have no fears,
Angels wears white
As they are like bright light.

Angels makes you smile,
Angels are soul & divine light,

They hold secret to Happiness & heaven,
They hold message of good deeds & blessings;

A miracle follows you everywhere,
They thrive on hopes, faith & prayers.

They tread where demons leaves.
They makes us believes,

“Good wins over Evil in the End”
“Truth wins over lies in the end”

The eternity is blessed;
Angels guide your path at their behest.

Oh my beautiful pretty angel,
Let’s know about Demons,

Demons are shadows of past,
Demons are ghosts of sorrows till breath lasts,
Demons thrive on lies,
Demons makes you cries.
Demons are soulless,
Demons are dark, they hold secrets of abyss,

Death is demon,
and they make you lament.
They hold message of bad deeds,
“What you sow, so shall you reap”

The girl donning a bemused smile, see the sky,
The girl pretty face lit by golden sunlight,

The girl sees white light far from the sky
She knows Angels are smiling up above the sky.

where Angels Treads....
Where Angels Treads….



12 thoughts on “ANGELS & DEMONS !

  1. Awesome. it and u have given me a perfect way to explain to my daughter diff btw angel and demons…thanks 👍👍


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