A short-expression on 'Love' Love, countless myths persists and subsists guided by norms and values. A Neolithic arrow impaled on heart left-overs, another millennium burning love marks remains. ©Ruchi Chopra Image copyrighted by ©Ruchi Chopra


"OUR SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY CAKE" My Hubby surprised me with this Awesome & Lovely cake on our 10th Wedding Anniversary Dinner. He custom made it for the special occasion. I was awe-struck & surprised beyond any doubts with his thoughtfulness & love. He told me "while waiting at the cake shop thinking on probable cake designs; … Continue reading LOVE SUGAR

That Handshake

  That unforgettable handshake, Stir the memories pace. Churning and churning, Silky memories of a loving embrace. Moving ahead of times, Recalling that shy gaze. Those lingering, Never-ending sweet Meetups and Goodbyes. Spinning memories yarns, Together Fated ones Made for each other. . Gossips, which, never gets stale. Smiles, which, never fade away Memories, that, … Continue reading That Handshake