Pict-cue 1 - One fine day, Adunika<name of my nemesis>is getting ready for her usual cocktail party. The dress code is formal, comfortable, modern with fashion trending shoes & hot make-up, overall perfect cliché for being labeled as Modern, Fashionable, Adhunik, criteria to judge, being just clothes, by Nifaq <Hypocrite>. At the Cocktail party, chance … Continue reading PHIRANGI COCKTAIL



"OUR SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY CAKE" My Hubby surprised me with this Awesome & Lovely cake on our 10th Wedding Anniversary Dinner. He custom made it for the special occasion. I was awe-struck & surprised beyond any doubts with his thoughtfulness & love. He told me "while waiting at the cake shop thinking on probable cake designs; … Continue reading LOVE SUGAR

That Handshake

  That unforgettable handshake, Stir the memories pace. Churning and churning, Silky memories of a loving embrace. Moving ahead of times, Recalling that shy gaze. Those lingering, Never-ending sweet Meetups and Goodbyes. Spinning memories yarns, Together Fated ones Made for each other. . Gossips, which, never gets stale. Smiles, which, never fade away Memories, that, … Continue reading That Handshake

La musique est ma vie

Today, World is celebrating and grooving on the tunes of everlasting music, as its World Music Day. The Fête de la Musique is an annual music carnival to celebrate legacy and feast on great music, food, and fun. There are many remarkable street performances done by the musicians today, to reach out to an audience … Continue reading La musique est ma vie