“Adunika wasn’t convinced after repeated approval from her friends, this dress would be perfect for the party, Adu, Lets wind up & leave.” She was skeptical of looking Fat or say, few pounds heavier in the dress in Q.” #Young girl obsession#


“ How I am looking in this dress? Do I look fat? Do I look attractive? Would it be good for me to wear at weekend party, after my post-delivery status”?#New mommy rants#

beauty cart

How I look, buddy! Will she be impressed to see me with changed hair-do & with all these lack of my muscle tones”? #Young man dilemmas @his first date#


Fat is in demand

Fat is a potential market.

Indecisiveness, we all might have stumble on sometime somewhere in making life biggest decisions. But here perplexes seems to be hyped & seems to have implicated sadness & curiosity on “Looking Good & Socially Accepted”,thanks to all branding, conditioning of minds over looks & just looks. #If looks could kill#  

Target audience is mostly female as they are hypersensitive to their figure & looks. It’s statistically proven, bigwigs will give you many links to confer & refer to support this?In my opinion beside the statistics, social stereotyping also plays a significant role in this fetish & socially dictated & approved labels for gender roles.From time immemorial woman were considered as object of pleasure mostly & were just relegated to the positions like better half or just playing the roles which were told & dictated on the fixed verbatim from one generations to another, in patriarchal social setup. Fetish for having a beautiful bride is more than search for an educated wife. #Fat as social paradox# Sharing with you all one wonderful video on “Beauty Myth” from Oprah.

 Fat is in demand

Fat is a potential market.

I stumble upon this sponsored advertisement on cyber-community, quite few times, every time with unique story to share, for each advertised case. All they have shown is transformation of a woman body in great ways, hopefully, natural way, but I was skeptical with lines-

“Jaw dropped”,when Hubby saw his wife…what kind of message it’s conveying? Unfortunately, there isn’t any dearth of such obnoxious and obsessive predispositions, with dangerous implications on the young minds, in every sense. It’s like conveying message- Body is helm of your life, values & deeds don’t pay much.We can’t forget that infamous mass frenzy with Barbie doll figure when anorexia becomes Social Accepted Fact & being on heavier side or being Fatty becomes social ineptness. #Fat as an emotional response#. This video from Mask Movie, seems to fit the context well.

 Fat is in demand

Fat is a potential market.

Why heaven on earth? Why being fat can’t be evocative? Why being “Fat” is fati-cized {criticized}, Fat-loped & fat-bombed. This was first skeptical thought, with realization that how much I ponder, how much I dive into this Pandora box of fatty mess & fetishes, its not going to lessen the reality. #Fat as physical feel good factor#

It’s unhealthy. Promote it in its all-medical ways & provide much needed awareness for Fat/obesity .But advertisers wooed & projects fairy tale dreams for these general powerless beings to look good to get noticed or to get appreciated.I tried to pinch & smacked & gawked on such advertisements, which implicates.

“ Lean is healthy, Fat is unhealthy”<most of the images I stumble upon,at various links,were talking about dress sizes, killer looks, wear any dress if you are skinny etc etc, I was looking for some inspiration to use it here, but instead got awry of such huge pile of quotes, posters & links defining”Whats being Beautiful means”?

“Staying fit means you got to have perfect biceps,in men scenario & thinner waistline for women”,one can’t achieve this without proper diet control, detox of body and mind & physical exercises in any form minus popping diet pills, fad diets or just assuming magic will happen on its own. We need to instill good amount of awareness in young kids & adults alike, for junk food & diet in the long run, for staying in good shape & staying fit holistically.

What they sell is what they have branded, conditioning of human mind for body image, from time immemorial.

I wondered would Menaka, Cleopatra, Mata Hari & Marilyn be portrayed within tags of slim, svelte & sexy, considering them 30 pounds heavier!

Recently I also stumble around one bizarre news, “Identity theft” movie actress Melissa Macarthy,was denied Dress up for Oscar, owing to her plus Size, by top-notch fashion designers. When American film Critic, Rex Reed, remarked very ingenuity about actress Melissa McCarthy, calling her obese, tractor-sized, hippo, she ignored it,showing maturity.< not all are blessed with such fat-cosmic Oodles>

McCarthy is more worried about the effect an article like that could have on younger girls. She said we have “a strange epidemic of body image and body dysmorphia” these days and articles like Reed’s “just add to all those younger girls, that are not in a place in their life where they can say, ‘That doesn’t reflect on me.'” Source courtesy-

Than we keep on criticizing celebs like Former Miss Wolrd,1994, Ashwairya Rai Bachachan went under the thick scanner from media, for her post-delivery weight. It had happened with Kim kardashain & many others celebrities. #Fat as mental lookout taboo, Fat as a beauty paradox#.

Fat is in demand

Fat is a potential market.

Being Fat as economic fallout with respect to jobs, skills, and career growth is also one of the concern we face today.If I start discussing about how films, media, advertisement industry brand this stigma in such a gullible ways, it would actual be than finest compilations named as “Burn Book on Fatal Fat Fetishes”.

Still I will share few famous brands, which in my viewpoint are stalwarts of fat-cosmic oodles. One brand of breakfast cereals shows very explicitly that woman can gain voluptuous figure by following eating regimen, as advertised. I am not against it; I am against the choice of impact, choice of words, choice of image being propagated with all such things. Its high time at school, we all should start a topic concerning “ how to accept & respect your body & build positive body image” with the sex education as mandatory subject. As time has changed, time is changing, young generations are vulnerable to such alluring ways.Its very translucent fact that we all in one way or other get swayed by this perception of ” Fat Fetish & Fallacies” .

I will end this contemplative discussion with one of my favorite quote from author  Naomi Wolf from her book ” The Beauty Myth”.

“She wins who calls herself beautiful and challenges the world to change to truly see her.”





16 thoughts on “DO I LOOK FAT ?

    1. Ty for the nice words Maiparna 🙂 Yes values/deeds r more imp than the face. I am glad u liked my effort to put thoughts in words & comic strips 🙂 Ty for stopping by. Good wishes !


  1. He he, I guess this would be an eternal debate. People have a fake perception of perfection and they dont seem to accept anything other than that no matter how perfect it is. And it is a pain to know lesser important things taking the limelight – thanks to the silly media and the perceptions which keep making it even more irritating..

    Nice share of the Oprah video, it is a delight watching her talk! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vinay ! Bang on Target LOL 😀 well-pointed out fact by you,Media/advertising giants have been just selling people dreams & reality is far fetching, like a horrible truth. Hope we all can instill some base of confidence, self-esteem & values in future generation to look a brighter picture put together, not just pieces of it 🙂 Good wishes.


  2. Very aptly put article…even I think that being fat should not be like u r ugly it should be promoted as u being unhealthy and should achieve right body mass index to stay healthy! But we live in a society where being thin and fair only means beautiful…sad truth 😦 btw love ur original cartoons…keep them coming and when not post them on ur fb page?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Meera ty dear for stopping by & sharing your insights on this issue. I am so happy to learn u liked my comic-strips 😀 ty for all accolades & inspiration. Good wishes 🙂


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